hey guys im new on this post but not new to bodybuilding since ive been hitting the weights for 8 years now.. im currently running tren 75 EOD im planning on adding T3 without clen, since clen and tren make my heart beat outta my chest. im pretty lean i would say 12% bodyfat. My diet is strict and i do cardio atleast 4 times a week. What is the dosage you guy would recommend for a 6 week T3 and how would you taper up and down. i read conflicting arguments on a lotta posts about the duration and the amount some say 50 mcg isnt enough and then I read also that you could run low dose EX:25mcg and still burn fat. then some people run over 100 mcg. I wanna get down to 6% body fat or under what do you guys recommend. Thanks alot