7 weeks to contest

  1. 7 weeks to contest

    Can you tell me if this is water retention or to much fat?


    Dear Sr this is my picture today with 89.5kg and i want to compete in 7 weeks,what i dont now is the difference bettween water retention and fat retention.So in my situation what is the problem and what i have to do.
    ~Should i take diuretics all the 7 weeks?

    Im right now doing:
    -I have 30 years old
    -I train 45 minutes 2 muscles per day for 6 days,all trayning is intense,lots of weight with reps between 6 and 10.
    -I do cardio 2 times per day(30 minutes each)
    -I begin 0 carbs diet 4 weeks ago(only green vegetables).

    I eat 450 protein each day,0 carbs and 100gr fat(olive oil and flaxeed)

    I have Watershed(diuretic),Clenbutero l,Cytomel(t4) and efedrin and used in 2 weeks on 2 off and Lasix.

    Can you give me some help because i have no time to get ripped.

    Marco Luis

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  2. I would do some skin fold measurements and get your body fat percentage that way. Honestly it looks like your holding on to a good amount of fat. To drop down to competition weight and shape in 7 weeks is kinda soon and doing so that fast you may lose a lot of muscle. Not saying it can't be done, just really hard.

    Get your BF% measured and know that you need to be about 5% to be good on stage. Lower is even better.

  3. if i had to guess i'd say you are 15-20 eh maybe 18% bodyfat right now man and no don't start taking diuretics now it wouldn't do anything...bump your cardio maybe an hour twice a day and i don't know about 0 carbs i would never cut them out completely and try to cut on fat and protien but if thats what you respond better with go with it...you got a hard road good luck

  4. The best advice I've ever heard when trying to decifer what you have as being water or fat is to always regard it as being fat.

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