Cardio/protein during depletion

  1. Cardio/protein during depletion

    Should cardio be kept constant/decreased/increased during depletion days? I do LISS, for reference.

    Also, during depletion days, can/should protein/fat be increased to account for the calories decreased from carbs?

  2. I would say increased so you really target the glycogen stores , HIIT depletes them real nice , but its easier to go with just High intensity cardio. Yes theres nothing wrong with getting higher protein and fats to make up for the calories from carbs.
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  3. I'd keep your cardio constant and just change the dietary variable. As mentioned above, HIIT does a great job of glycogen depletion. So does high volume resistance training. On the dietary side...personally, I'd bump the protein up a little while depleting carbs, but still keep calories at or below the level you were prior to the depletion.
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  4. I completely agree with Burlyman. I run a carb cycle with every competition I do, when you deplete glycogen by removing carbs, add protein and fats to replace the missing calories. You want to spare as much muscle loss as possible. (Plus, no carbs = no energy) add some fats to get that energy back

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