prep pics at 39 days

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  1. To be honest, you're right. There really is no need to kick up the intensity. I've been ready to step on stage for a week or two now. No need to do anything drastic. I'll keep my deficit, but I'm not adding anything else in. I've been dieting for a little over 4 months now. Unfortunately I lost a good bit of mass due to starting to hard into it. I was 185 initially and the 30 pounds I lost was definitely not all fat. In fact I'd say not more than half of it was fat.

    My caloric intake is 1740 cals a day. Right now I'm getting 60% from protein and the rest is from fat with no direct carb sources. Running keto, I found towards the end of my prep unfortunately, gives me a good bit more energy throughout the day. Carb refeeds make me so drowsy. I typically refeed twice a week.

  2. Looking good, keep up the hard work!
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  3. u gonna crush them

  4. Thanks all!

    Leg depletion was brutal. 10 min stair climber, 4x10 heavy narrow squats, 10 min climber, 4x10 heavy leg curls with a drop set finisher, 10m stair climber, 4x10 heavy leg ext with drop finish, standing heavy calf raise same method, seated high rep calf raise two sets, tabata squats. 6g carbs, 82g fat, 238 protein.

    Also, check out if you wanna see my latest pic and first real interview.

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  6. 6g of carbs and you still busted out that workout! Good work, man. I'm not looking forward to being that depleted. You're gonna destroy the competition on stage!

  7. Last day of glycogen depletion before I start carbing up tomorrow. 24g of carbs today. All residual from my fat source, raw almonds. I'll be hitting upper pull at lunch.

  8. Great work bro!

  9. Last workout has been completed. 300g carbs today and 190g protein. I'll be tapering carbs by half each day. It all comes down to this. Just about everything I've consumed today was bagels, grilled chicken, egg whites, or raw almonds.

  10. Looking shredded! Just out of curiosity are you pinning test prop? Quad looks pinned as well as your bicep in the last shot. You have some dense quality muscle on you bro.

  11. No prop. Not sure what makes them look pinned. Didn't think test was site specific if you're askin because of size. Just had my BF tested for the last time. Down to 4%. Pretty stoked. 150g carbs today. Feeling a bit sluggish but driving my "new to me" turbo SS camaro helps me wake up a bit lol. Come on Saturday!

  12. Good luck tomorrow, sounds like you have nailed it BF wise. I hope you will post contest pics and results SOON after. Don't forget to show em your smile!!!

    BTW, what are you going to eat after the show??

  13. Thanks just finished with check in and waiting to get sprayed. I'm not 100% where I'm going directly after the show but there's a recommended bakery I'll be hitting for bfast, toby Keith's bar and grill for lunch, and my fat kid food waiting at home is unbelievable. I made homemade s'mores ice cream from scratch then used it to make icecream sandwiches with smores poptarts. Oh yes. I get a good two days to eat then back to primarily healthy or contest dieting again depending in results. If I win I'm going to compete in the Team Universe contest in NJ in a month.

  14. Quick update: made first round callouts. Way too lean and hard though and almost caused me not to. Had lots of delicious fatkid food and we will see how finals go.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by burnstacp View Post
    Quick update: made first round callouts. Way too lean and hard though and almost caused me not to. Had lots of delicious fatkid food and we will see how finals go.
    Nice. Good luck

  16. This is what i aspire to look like, you're ripped to the max.

  17. Well didn't place top three. Physique isnt my thing and I'll be sticking to bodybuilding the next time I compete. It's definitely gonna be a while though as I'd like to I bring my leg mass back to where it was since its been a bit drained during this dieting.

    Post contest diet has been pretty lax. I've filled back out. I'm back up to 158 and 5% bodyfat. New diet "goals" (should I be able to stave off the inner fat kid) are C 320, P 240, F 107. This is all based on current RMR and TEE calculated with the Katch McArtle formula. I was actually able to crush legs hard yesterday finally with my new found energy. 6 heavy working sets of squats, 5 heavy sets of front squats, 5x12 Romanians and 5 heavy sets standing calves. I literally fell into my drivers seat haha.

  18. Good work none the less, enjoy the summer bro

  19. Contest pics are in! I fell in behind the two guys that tied for 2nd.

  20. You should be proud bro!

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  21. Superior conditioning bro, without question. Your back looks SICK!!! Obviously in an awesome way. Its a shame that physique doesn't let YOU showcase those quads (saw em a few posts back)!

    Best of luck with your next show!

  22. Congrats on the placing man! Might not have been what you wanted, but subjectivity is a tough thing. Keep up the hard work and keep us updated as you move towards bodybuilding.
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    PM me with any questions!

  23. Stick to bb bro. You'll got a good frame on you. You should do fine in some local shows. You look like you know how to get in good condition

  24. Hey thanks guys! Yeah I'm definitely going to compete again in October in lightweight BB. I'm already back up 23 (173) pounds now that I'm eating carbs and I'm still as of a few days ago only 5%. I had an idea that things would turn out this way, and I always said I wouldnt mind losing for looking too good. Turns out I was not totally correct. Losing is still losing lol. No big deal though. Learned a lot from this show too and it'll make me unstoppable for the real deal. Definitely not looking forward to cutting all the way back down to 154 though! Ole girl may not be patient enough to stick around for a third round Hahahhaa!

  25. Ye bro i agree with sum of the other guys your prob gonna have point deductions for being to muscular. Now I could be wrong and sum of your size comes off before show then ull be fine. Im doing my first show in Sept and I'm tryn hard to feel in those lower abs .But anyway man You look great, I'd jus pack on 20lbs and enter BB'n show Good luck!!


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