Pre-contest cycle

  1. Pre-contest cycle

    Hi guys , i'm 14 weeks out from my show . i'm usin' sustanon and boldenone ( 750 and 500 mg weekly ) and at 8 weeks out i'll start propionate and tren , with anavar at 40-50 mg a day . Also i'll be doin' arimidex all the way to the show . My question is : would be worth addin' Masteron propionate to the mix ? Never used before that's why i'm askin'...i won my last show and was in very good condition but this time i need to come in shredded and vascular 'cause i'll be goin' against a very tough competition . I was also thinkin' of usin' Halotestin the last week leading to the show , if so should i drop the anavar last week or do them both ? Thanks a lot for your help .

    my stats : 5'7" , weighing now 202 pounds

  2. come on guys , 50 wiews and no answer ? Need your help !

  3. sub'd. I've got my first show coming up and i'm putting together a pre-contest cycle. Good luck.

  4. put this in the anabolics section ull get more help there

  5. Add mast prop if you want/ can afford (not saying it's an expensive compound) it will harden you and dry you out further. As for halotestin isn't that the super toxic oral that is known mainly for it's strength gains? How would that benefit you in your most vulnerable state? (dehydrated, not much food coming in)

  6. ive heard of ppl using halo precontest for hardness and vascularity but its really toxic and not a necesity

  7. I agree the masteron would help you harden up a bit. I don't really have any opinion on the Halo.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Eric160 View Post
    ive heard of ppl using halo precontest for hardness and vascularity but its really toxic and not a necesity
    there's a post in here about a guy that was running mast, var and halo pre contest with a few other goodies. he didnt care for the var and actually contributed his sub-par finish to it instead being on top. wish i could remember the name of the thread, might want to just search it out in here.


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