Hello AnabolicMinds. I looked for an introduction thread but didnt see one so id just like to Introduce DiZel Fitness Concepts to everyone. We are a personal training and diet consultation company made up of myself and my partner Josh D. We have Local clients we work with presently and are now taking it to the next level ........ Cyber-Space. I was a member here for a while and love the info this board provides. I cant remember my old name for the life of me, so i made a nw one, which will probably be less confusing anyway.
Please feel free to pm us if you have any inquiries. or Just check us out on the facebook link facebook.com/dizelfit . Be sure to like the page or post on the wall so we know people are stopping by.
So Again Just wanted to Say whats up AM , i look foward to meeting everyone and being a part of your community