The evening where I had the insomnia I used my second application of 3 pumps at about 6PM, with an expected bedtime of 12:30 or so. I'll likely try an evening dose again at a time when I can sleep in the following day if need be.

The only variable for that day that was out of the ordinary was a dentist visit where they used some brush on fluoride varnish. That stuff is pretty awful, as it dissolves off your teeth little by little, leading you to swallow a bunch of it. I have a theory that when I brushed my teeth that evening the last of the fluoride dislodged all at once, and perhaps I ingested a good chunk of it then. I haven't been able to come up with side effects of insomnia for the fluoride varnish however, but it's the only thing likely to have caused the insomnia other than androcrine.