Endosureg Dosing Question?

  1. Endosurge Dosing Question?

    Currently running Endosurge as part of a stack along with Erase, Icariin and AnaBeta. I have a question about the 2/2/2 dosing scheme for Endosurge. I normally take my first dosage of Endosurge along with the rest of my morning supps first thing in the AM about 30-45min before breakfast. Then I head to the gym to workout about 1.5-2hrs after breakfast. Is better to take my second 2 cap serving of Endosurge pre-workout or should I wait til later in the afternoon since it is so close to my morning dose? So far I have been taking it pre-workout right before I head to the gym. Just wanted to know if it would be better to take the second serving of Endosurge later in the day (possibly post workout) in order to keep the doses more evenly spaced out.

  2. Yes, personally I would take it post-workout but it'll really come down to personal preference: some guys take 3 caps twice a day, or 2 in the morning, 4 at night. Just experiment a bit and find what you like best.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess I will try taking the second dose post workout instead and see if that works better.

  4. Glad I could help
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  5. So I spaced out my 2nd dose more evenly yesterday and I felt less zoned out and spacey than I did using my previous method. I think I like this better as the previous way made me move a lot slower.

  6. Glad it was worked out! Nice work, Resolve.
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