Endosurge before bed

  1. Endosurge before bed

    Hi all,
    I was running endosurge with erase before I re-injured my shoulder which has put me out of the gym for the next month or two,
    have kept running the endosurge at only two caps before bed as it has made a massive difference on my sleep quality, was just wondering how long it can be run like this before I have to stop and take a break?
    Also, am I correct in assuming it's the Mucuna pruriens which is making the difference?

  2. I would still follow the general rule of 8 weeks on then a 4 week break. And yes, its the Mucuna pruriens that is helping with your sleep. More specifically the L-Dopa in the Mucuna pruriens if im not mistaken.

  3. ^^SLW2 gives good advice, 8 weeks on is a fine rule of thumb. Personally, I prefer doing one-and-a-half bottles (or 6wks), then taking a month break. 8 is fine, I just find that beyond the 6th week I experience diminishing returns.
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  4. I agree because of the amount of nettle root extract and it's purity, your free test remains so high that you need to break every 6-8 weeks.
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  5. cheers for the replies, was hoping it could be run for longer but better safe than sorry I guess.



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