BlackStone Labs ~ New Angel Dust

  1. BlackStone Labs ~ New Angel Dust

    Introducing The New Angel Dust

    For the last few weeks we have been out of Angel Dust, and many of you have been very sad. Never fear, happy days are here again... ANGEL DUST is back. The only thing is it's BETTER.

    Many people, including us, were concerned that when 1,3 DMAA left the market we'd be left with a weaker less potent ANGEL DUST. We have spent MONTHS testing new formulas, and we believe we out did ourselves. The newly reformulated Angel D is not only just as potent, but tastes WAY WAY better.

    Blackstone Labs, STILL the home of the most powerful PWO in the world

    Introducing Reformulated Angel Dust Pre-Workout By Blackstone Labs

    Buy 2 Get $10 Off!

    Blackstone Labs | Products
    Blackstone Labs 10% Off Coupon Code = theneck

  2. Can't wait to try this....

  3. I'd hit that

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