The initial stock of VECTOR was sold out in record time. The BLR convoy is already en route to SSS to restock them, but I would definitely recommend pulling the trigger now if you’re interested...
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  2. HAHA that's awesome!.. congrats to BLR this is going to send shock waves.. wonder what they are saying over on bb about this~
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  3. Really!? I keep getting really lucky. I snagged my bottle around 6pm. The last tub of Tr1umph I bought was the last one in stock at SSS and the last bottle of ABE I bought was one of the last few I found anywhere for sale online. Hahaha! Can’t wait for the Vector to get here man. Shoulda put up the extra $20 for faster shipping.

  4. It was already shipped for UK retailers? If not, any estimated date?

  5. What's the profile look like?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by josun View Post
    What's the profile look like?
    VECTOR is comprised of three ingredients:
    Name:  Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 9.43.03 PM.png
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Size:  40.2 KB

    Learn more about it on Strong Supplements Shop

    See the write-ups for each ingredient are on our blog.
    Follidrone 2.0 | Vector | Letrone | Rebirth | Exotherm | Nootrol | Viron | Prolactrone +
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