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    Yah for sure I want to know what you think about the flavor profile.

    I drink all day at work
    During my training
    And after
    Basically all day. Really helps me get more h2o in.
    Received the product a couple of days ago and I have to say that the taste is on point. I fill up my hydro flask with 32 oz of water and mix a scoop of amino infusion and bam!! Really has helped me push through my high intensity workouts with the addition of HICA, and I definitely drink more water throughout the day with the delicious flavor! Another great and quality product from BLR!
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  2. How come not EAA ? Why BCAA?


    Quote Originally Posted by Nickype View Post
    How come not EAA ? Why BCAA?
    I read this wrong, my bad.
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