Epg andro/4 andro rash

  1. Epg andro/4 andro rash

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the site and wanted to get 2nd opinions on something. I started andro the giant and androvar 3wks ago. Androvar was at 3 a day for 2 weeks then went up to 4, Andro the giant has stayed at 3 a day. Starting a couple days ago I started getting itchy and different spots show irritation like allergies. It does get better with Benadryl but I was wondering if anyone has gotten this or suggestions on what to do. Lower doses? Or just stop one of them.
    Thanks for any help.

  2. Stop, drop and roll lol jk sorry bro I just had to be an @$$ I couldn't let my comment go, don't know much about this stuff but I would say it might've been because you upped the dosage maybe bring it down? but I'll let someone else chime in who knows more good luck man

  3. Ha no problem dude. I lowered it but kept happening so I just stopped and went straight to pct

  4. Just wanted to mention this is a Black Lion Research subforum and threads should be specifically related to our brand and or our products in some way.
    This thread isnt.
    Youll get a better response if you post in an open forum.
    Most likely though there was a contaminant in your product and or your allergic to a filler or something. 100% stop is the way to go.
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  5. I always get a rash at the start. They are redish raised bumbs, usually no bigger than a quarter, mostly on shoulders and upper arms, sometimes on my belly. They are nothing to worry about! For sure. Hop back on quick. What is happening is your body trying to increase estrogen to maintain homeostasis. You have high levels of T and your body is making more E for a bit. Your rash is from your elevated E. I get it every time. Not everyone responds this way, but I do and so do you obviously. They only last about 3-5 days then gone just like that.

  6. Yea sorry first time posting. Didn't even notice I was in the wrong spot.

  7. Thanks for the advice. Had decided to stop all together and started the pct. maybe I'll give it time to do it fresh


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