Prolactrone ?

  1. Prolactrone ?

    Hi I've read the past threads pertaining to L-Dopa and B6
    I'm presently on a tren/epi/stano cycle and have been taking Anteaus labs Talos which I really didn't look until recently but contains B6. Here's from the label ::

    B9, B6, and B12 (2mg, 60mg, 250mcg respectively)
    Androgens like testosterone have been shown to increase levels of homocysteine, [33] and the self-administration of anabolic steroids can increase homocysteine levels dramatically. [34] Homocysteine damages the structure of the arteries, and hyperhomocysteinemia (high homocysteine levels) is a strong risk-factor for cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and strokes. [35] Folic acid (B9), pyridoxine (B6), and cobalamin (B12) reduce the levels of homocysteine. [36]""

    I still want to take both Is this possible if I take the Talos around 7 am then the prolactrone around noon and before training around 5 pm. Then take the second dose of Talos around 9pm. ???

  2. Nothing huh ?

  3. Brundel might have a different opinion. That could work, but if you look to control just prolactin, prolactrone will do the job well.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Lhns2 View Post
    Brundel might have a different opinion. That could work, but if you look to control just prolactin, prolactrone will do the job well.
    Thanks that's why I'm taking it Its the B6 question I'm more concerned with

  5. B6 has a half life of 15-20 days store by the liver and of course excreted by the kidneys. To be honest if I was using something for prolactin control and had something else that could interfere I would stop taking it or find a replacement. But to be honest I'm not sure how far off your dosing should be for it to be effective. I would assume morning dose and then by afternoon workout it might be stored enough that the prolactrone can do it's job.
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  6. Problem is that I don't want to stop the Talos cycle assist. Hopefully the amount of B6 is small enough that it doesn't effect the l-Dopa. Because both of these supplements aren't cheap and like he said in another post. Don't want expensive urine

  7. Very true, well space it out enough as you can or save for pct. Hope it goes well for you. Sorry for the late responses, I get to em when I can. Med school has me tied down man.
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  8. I'm thinking about taking Prolactrone as part of my PCT of M-Sten/DMZ/Trest but have the same issue with the Vitamin B6 as I am taking Aegis. So based off the info in this thread, I am guessing it would be wise to wait 2-3 weeks after my last dose of Aegis before I begin taking Prolactrone...?

  9. Ldopa is an antagonist to b6. Supplementation of Vitamin B6 at different levels can produce significantly different effects. Vitamin B6 deficiency can be avoided by supplementing at low levels of 5-10 mg per day or less. While larger doses of B6 should be avoided as they allow L-dopa to be metabolized to dopamine and can inactivate the drug. This is from what I know so if anything take dosages far apart. There are B6 dependent enzymes that play an important role in the biosynthesis important neurotransmitters. And B6 is a cofactor in amino acid metabolism. So it is needed for some neurotransmitters, so b6 is still very important just some what of an issue.
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