FORMERON Causing pain in my pectoral area

  1. FORMERON Causing pain in my pectoral area

    Ok so I'm 99.9% that I have prepubescent gyno that never went away even though I was never that fat growing up but I have fluctuated between 195-175 consistently since junior year in high school which is basically hte past 6-7years.... so I know I have some chest fat and I can tell the difference between the fat and the muscle but there is also what I would assume is a developed mammary gland? or breast tissue that is on each peck... basically when I flex and pinch (top finger over and thumb under) the nipple area and to the left/right of it, it feels likes there is almost a finger under that area on top of my muscle... it is a hard substance that is not muscle nor fat... So any help with telling me what that is?

    what I am eluding to is I bought formeron to hopefully decease the gyno in size.. as well as a test booster.. Ive been applying in a variety of ways including: 1 pump each inner thigh + 1 pump on forearm, 1 pump on each peck + 1 pump on forearm, 1 pump on forearm + 1 pump on each inner thigh... basically 3 pumps a day and Ive been doing it for the past couple of days...

    every now and then during the middle of the day or right after application on the chest... the area i described for not knowing whats under the skin, will feel some pain/soreness... And i know the difference between soreness from a chest workout and this feeling...

    So what Im asking is, even though formeron is a type 1 suicidal AI, is it theoretically possible that it is causing some adverse reaction with my endocrine system which could be causing gyno to occur or the mammary gland to grow or whatever it is under my skin? I am going to a gyno surgeon on thursday but I want to get yalls opinions as well because he will only suggest surgery to remove... I am too scared to mess with letro due to rebound gyno possibilities as well as the complete loss of sex drive, id rather pay for surgery...

    also I will post pics of the area that I am talking about so I can get some opinions on what is the best bet... even when I was down to probably 10%bf the area was still there just barely any chest fat but it didnt look like gyno where its right under the nipple, it was more or less like the finger length area right under the nipple where you can feel the bottom of your peck

    I hope this isnt too confusing and someone can help

  2. Or could it be that formeron is shrinking/killing off the breast tissue and or mammary gland? Please give some input.. Not trying to knock the product bc it has dried me out and given results im just worried..

    @Brundel can you help me out here?

  3. still waiting for a reply @brundel

  4. Holy didn't notice this was here. I have had gyno issues in the past, and most recent was last year. Formeron made it more sensitive at first but it started to slowly go away. My .02, sorry there we were late to reply, I know Brundel has been real busy lately.

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  5. ok thank you for the reply

  6. Of course, it was my bad for not checking. Let us know if you have any mote questions. I'm sure Brundel will chime in once he gets a chance.

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