Why purchase FORMERON over a "research" chem? Heres why.

  1. Why purchase FORMERON over a "research" chem? Heres why.

    OK, so we all know "research" companies are ALWAYS hit and miss.
    Youll hear everyone saying how this one or that one is good but also have 10 people saying the same place burned them or sent them bunk product.
    Its a fact this happens with every single one. Doesnt matter if you have a mod or rep telling you otherwise because they get free product to tell you this.
    Because the research chems are labeled NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION you cant do **** when its bunk....you were not supposed to eat it anyways.
    I once ordered nolva and i got 200mcg Clen labeled as nolva. I took 2ml right when I got it.... almost killed me.

    At any rate, Formeron will always be as labeled, will always be consistent, will NEVER be bunk.

    Here is a picture of some exemestane from the latest hot "research" site....this is the place EVERYONE is parroting how great it is.
    Ill spare the company the shame.
    THere are quarter inch rock crystals in this stuff. COMPLETELY undissolved in the solution.
    The particles are far too big to pass through any syringe IM aware of meaning youll draw out solution and no active ingredient.
    This means the stuff will not work. Even after heating and vigorous shaking the crystals remain.
    This is why you should not purchase from research chem sites....these guys are idiots.

    If they cant make a solution at least manufacture a proper suspension.....giant rock crystals in the bottle is a joke at best.

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  2. Oh and after several attempts to contact them with regards to this situation I have got no response from the company at all.

    Youll never have problems with our products but if the unheard of happens I am right here in the open to contact.
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  3. I said it before and I'll say it again, this stuff works good, to damn good as a matter of fact

  4. Thanks brother.
    Im gonna be putting up an olympia thread with pics from the expo in a bit.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by brundel
    Thanks brother.
    Im gonna be putting up an olympia thread with pics from the expo in a bit.
    Dude, last i saw Kai Green was shredded.

  6. Are you saying formeron is a replacement for a serm? I mean I have two bottles of formeron I also have clomid, adex and nolva. Now I'm going to have to test all the solutions that story scared the hell out of me wtf lol

  7. No Formeron does not replace a serm.
    Its an AI so it replaces aromasin or adex.

    I would still recommend clomid with Formeron for PCT.
    Or you could do Formeron and some D aspartic acid for PCT.
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