Hmmm… After 2 months and an extra evening dose of Formestane (Formeron + TransFORM) my E2 has gone from 54 to 77, which is still far lower than my baselines (108 and 112) but is a little odd - upping the dose seems to have actually increased E2 somehow. Will post my full bloods later for comparison. I have heard people mention that Formestane somehow develops a tolerance of some kind if you keep taking it, that it becomes less effective? I wonder if I drop the dose back down to one pump a day or take a bit of time off it would it regain its original potency?

That being said, should I keep taking Formestane until the new oral AI is ready, or give all AIs a break for the next while until I can get some of your new stuff? Formestane didn't increase LH or FSH much at all which is something I'd very much like to do, and you say your new oral AI seems to do this spectacularly so it certainly sounds worth waiting for