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  1. Are u guys coming out with any new products soon?????

  2. Hi Guys,

    We've just brought out a new EFA product called Pro-Lipid please see details below:

    Pro-Lipid is the result of a joint project between CNP’s research department and the world’s leading experts in lipid technology. This major breakthrough is the first and only EFA product specifically tailored to address the health issues of the hard training athlete, with a lifestyle of intense, joint-pounding exercise and a high protein intake of primarily animal origin. Without a doubt, cardiovascular health, systemic stress (high cortisol levels) and degenerative joint conditions/injuries can represent major hurdles in the pursuit of excellence for this sector. Unique ratios of Omega 6, 3 and 9, have been blended with antioxidants and cutting edge ingredients, such as plant sterol esters, to tackle these potential problems. In fact, per daily dose, Pro-Lipid contains twice the amount of these cholesterol-lowering agents than any margarine or yoghurt product, but with none of their harmful trans fatty acid content! Our oils are the purest and safest in the industry, with no mercury content or GMO material.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RipdnTxs
    Are u guys coming out with any new products soon?????

  3. Dave, when do you suspect the Pro-Recover Shake N' Takes to arrive, adn do you have any pics or info details?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    Myself & Dorian and the rest of the CNP Team are keen to answer any

    questions you have regarding our product range so please fire away,


    Whoa Dorian Yates is a part of your team? Damn where the hell have I been?



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