Azoth 2.0 - Real world breakdown of ingredients

  1. Azoth 2.0 - Real world breakdown of ingredients

    Below you will find a realistic and simplistic breakdown of the ingredients in Azoth 2.0. As the article says, get in touch if you have any questions.

    Azoth 2.0
    You have arrived at this page as you are undoubtedly looking for information on Azoth 2.0! You have come to the correct place. Below you will find an expansive look at the ingredients of Azoth and what they are able to for you as you search for Total Human Productivity.
    First things first, Azoth will not make you a world beater, nor give you super human powers, however, it will give you a superior, research driven mental edge that a number of competitors are searching for. The guys at Azoth have been working long and hard on Azoth and have produced a product which gives that clear mental edge, enabling users to work at 100% of their capabilities, and then some!

    Excited? Let’s breakdown Azoth, piece by piece!

    Ashwagandha Extract – 500mg
    A wonder herb, directly available to assist users in leading a less stressful life. It works to restrict the stress provided by life in general and restricts the production of fatigue in the body, along with having anti-inflammatory effects. A daily dose of 500mg is substantial and is seen to be effective in most situations.

    L-Tyrosine – 500mg
    A very topical and included Amino Acid in the sport supplement industry as it assists massively in the synthesis of protein. Recent research also suggests that L Tyrosine has the ability to have a sedative effect, once again assisting users in the management and restriction of stress.
    The recommended dosage here is generally 500-1000mg and users will find that Azoth has you well covered here.

    Phosphatidylserine – 500mg
    Naturally produced by the body, however does typically come from food intake. A very topical supplement for cognition, Attention deficit disorder treatment and improving athletic performance. Phosphatidylserine works with fat sources to build and support healthy cell membranes within the body.

    Sulbutiamine – 400mg
    Yet another ingredient that is included in Azoth which is notable for its treatment of chronic fatigue. Sulbutiamine is noted and used extensively to enhance cognitive function, improve mental stamina and the user’s memory and mood. Topical doses appear to be around the 200mg level so the 400mg dose in each serving (3 caps) of Azoth has the user well covered.

    Alpha-GPC – 300mg
    As a very popular Choline source, Alpha GPC has been included in a large number of nootropic blends and formulas in recent times due to its abilities to provide cognitive enhancement after consumption, however it is also noted during research to be found to have long term effects on users, particularly in relation to cognitive tasks and the protection of brain cells from damage.

    TeaCrine – 100mg
    Honesty time….this is an ingredient that really intrigues me. I see it as a follow up to Caffeine and given the amount of time that Caffeine has been around, I wonder if Teacrine will be developed and researched just as much.
    From researching TeaCrine, it now seems to be gaining huge popularity and is being used in a wide range of blends and formulas. Long lasting energy, motivation and focus are prominent in the benefits of TeaCrine. Interestingly, it is not an ingredient that will lead to user’s being addicted and/or reliant. It seems to move away from the “Caffeine Fix” mentality, giving user’s peace of mind. TeaCrine is also known for decreasing anxiety and reducing the stress on the body that is coupled with exercise.

    Hordenine HCL – 50mg
    Providing a significant boost to user’s metabolism, Hordenine is also noted as an energy booster and having a great role in the promotion of focus and concentration. Surprisingly, Hordenine is found within plant life, such as Barley. This ingredient is also known to control MAOs, leading to better control of notable illnesses such as ADHD.
    The daily recommended dosage is varying however seem to sit around the 50-100mg mark.

    Bioperine – 10mg
    Bioperine is also known as Black Pepper extract and is used extensively for health reasons, too many to mention here I am afraid. For Azoth user’s purpose, Bioperine is found to directly increase the absorption and effect of many other ingredients whilst also enhancing cognitive function.

    Huperzine A – 100mcg
    A further dietary supplement which is made from a plant based in Asia. Huperzine A is an extract of the plant Firmoss, which is also known as Huperzia Serrata. It has been used to treat bruises, mus-cle strains etc but also more importantly it is reported to relax muscles and tendons.

    Huperzine A is also touted as being a memory enhancer.

    There you have it, a complete breakdown of the ingredients contained within Azoth 2.0 in their simplest form. The product is loaded with ingredients promoting
    • Cognitive function
    • Mood enhancement
    • Anxiety reduction
    • Memory enhancement

    And many many more. The ingredients are clinically dosed and full disclosed on the label, giving you peace of mind in your search for Total Human Productivity!
    Questions? Get us at @Seekingazoth on Instagram or visit
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