Acute FX capsules deteriorated.

  1. Acute FX capsules deteriorated.

    Just wondering what to do with Acute FX caps I purchased from the Planet? I was disappointed with the lack of effect I was getting from the caps and had decided to start opening the caps to mix them. However, the contents of the caps have solidified into a nasty, dark, hard pod. I keep my supplements stored in a cool, dry environment and have never experienced anything like this before. The batch number is NO4216 EXP 05/15 and I have another unopened tub that I am obviously not interested in. I had Titanium stored in the same place and the contents of those caps are fine. Do I take this up with Athletix or the Planet?

  2. Sorry to hear this has happend, I havn't heard anything like this before, PM on the way, going to contact Athletix right now for you.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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