AX liver support

  1. AX liver support

    Hello everyone, just bought AX perfect cycle and was just wondering what was the recommended dosage and is there a specific Time in the day to take it? Should the dose be splited?

  2. Never used it it doesnt say on it?

  3. Hey guys, for our Perfect cycle a suggested dosage would be to take two caps 1-3 times a day.
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  4. Yeah i saw That on the Bottle but what theres a difference between 2 pills and 6 lol :/ That was my question

  5. I recommend taking 2 pills 2 times per day.

  6. Thanks alor sir

  7. hi guys! So its been good so far ive gone through all muscle's group and today was my back. Havent started to really feel it yet on the scale or at the gym but as of today i can say that I felt a little bit more energic at the gym! Diet has been good too but i think i'll boost the calories from 3500 to something like 3700. So far no bloating @ stomach with creatine and finaflex but def going to watch out for this!

    Thats about it for the moment! here's how went my workout today :

    Large grip Chin-ups : 2x10 (warm up)
    Lat pull down : 8x155lbs , 8x155lbs , 8x155lbs , 12x135lbs
    lying T bar row : 15x45lbs , 12x70lbs , 8x 90lbs , 8x 90lbs
    High Pulley Row : 10x105lbs , 10x105lbs 10x105lbs 15x90 Superset with : Leverage Shrug : 4 sets of 12x225lbs

    Didnt do Lower back because i did it with Legs yesterday!

    Just a question for you guys and I know both ways would be good but i want your personal opinion on how YOU would do it! So far i've taken 1 pills AM when i wake up (which is from 7-9AM depening) and 2pills at around 6PM. Would it be better to split the doses like 1 early AM, another one middle of the day and last one 6PM when im eating?

  8. Yeah..I think it will be the best option.
    Split it to 3 portions..

  9. Lolll posted this in wrong section


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