First PH Stack

  1. First PH Stack

    Hi all,

    It's my first post on AM, just thought id get some advice on an idea for a pre-holiday stack. I've done PH's before when ABF brought out 19-Nor-Keto and the Andro Liquid but that was a few years ago and had no PCT in place at the time, so wanted to do it properly this time around.

    Week 1 - 5, 3-AD & MassFX

    Week 6 - 9, Life Support (anabolic innovations), Novedex XT (gaspari), 19 Anabol Testo (usn), LeanFX & Cyclone (maximuscle)

    Open to idea's and changes, please let me know what you think...

  2. firat welcome and second you wont like what im going to say
    AT 165 lbs your first priority is to eat.forget ph /ds Alot can be acheived through sensible eating , a good natural anabolic stack , and proper training , not forgetting rest.

    Whats your age? how often do you train? what are you aiming for?

  3. Im 29.... training is split 3 days on 1 day off, consume high protein diet (versus my weight) approx 250 - 300 grams each day, constantly using USN IGF-1 protein... and Peptopro for during workouts. Basically looking to add lean muscle with a bit more mass around chest, back, quads and calfs and cut some fat around the waistline. My current cardio workouts consists quite alot of running 2x 45mins sessions a week which tends to cut my strength hence the idea of using 3-AD. My regiment at the moment is strict and im pushing hard in the gym but im finding it hard to activate good chest/calf growth so im looking to break through this plateau.

    (my weight stated on my profile is slightly wrong, im just under 13 stone which converts to approx 175Ibs)

  4. Howdy. Sorry to have to say this, but as a rule, we can not discuss products that have been discontinued. The use/discussion of prohormones of any sort is very limited these days due to the volatile political climate and its attitude towards this type of product. While 3-AD was never taken off the market and banned, it is AX policy to not discuss former products. Please understand that we can not advise you on this particular one.

    That being said, I would still agree with some of what corsaking is saying here. Even if your diet is going to be key to growth, followed by the training itself. If you feel that you are lagging in the chest/calf areas, then work them better. Training with the same program becomes stale, and not all muscles will react to a particular exercise to develop in the way that we want. For instance, many are forgoing the standard flat barbell bench in lieu of incline, or DB bench, or some other variation, in order to obtain new growth. Varying your speed, rest, or lifting frequency can have pretty radical results if you're not used to switching things up. Try different exercises, different angles, and change it up weekly just a bit. My shoulders always lagged, so I took a YEAR to pound the hell out of them. I focused hard on them, sometimes skipping some other areas where I was already developed (traps and back, for example) and just maintained those good areas in order to create time for the problem ones. My results were simple - I now have shoulders! It takes time, but it can certainly be done.

    I want to point out the part here where you say the cardio is cutting into strength, "hence the idea of using 3-AD". No product is going to target any specific areas here, just so that we're clear. If you feel that your cardio is hindering your lifts, CHANGE IT! Instead of running as you are now, do a good lift session and then 20 minutes of cardio afterwards. That won't sacrifice muscle mass, but will enable you to burn off fat.

    Hope that helps, or atleast provides a starting point to think in a new direction.
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  5. Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. I switch my gym workouts on a 2 week cycle same areas but different exercises, I basically know my barriers and believe genetics is preventing me from progressing.

    I understand the product is discontinued and im in no way asking you or anyone to promote 3-AD, I already have it... im just looking for some advice to get the best out of it and use it responsibly.

  6. Understood. Eventhough we can't really say anything about it, there are probably still logs and threads about it in the archives here. If you search for 3-AD, you may come across the information you seek. There may even be an old FAQ thread that AX posted when it came out.
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.
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    Welcome to AM, man. I'd recommend focusing more on the gains or fat loss and I think you'll find it much easier to make progress. Trying to do both is a tricky tightrope to walk (it can be done, but it can be difficult).

    If your main focus is gaining - cut your cardio sessions down a bit and that should help (or increase cals to equalize it).

    In all honesty, I think the more you focus on one goal or the other, you'll be surprised at finding you actually get a little bit of the other as a secondary result, too. As long as your calories aren't all out of wack, you should be able to do that
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  8. Yeah guess I have been trying to do it all at once, sounds like a good idea to lower cardio and increase calories incorporating a weight gainer, I'll give this a whirl and keep some stats.


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