Hmmmm Dare I say it, Anabolic Drive > RPM teetering on the line of overtraining

  1. Hmmmm Dare I say it, Anabolic Drive > RPM teetering on the line of overtraining

    Or perhaps its the IGF-2 But my workouts as of the past week with DRive and IGF-2 have been some of the most insane borederline overtraining sessions ive had.

    all week each day each session has been one in which i had to force myself to leave or have ran out of exercises. I have also thrown away 2 tank tops this week due to the excessive sweat. the type of sweat that you can ring out of your shirt, the kind that leaves the bench soaked as if ur were wearing no shirt.

    Not a energy like ive felt before. One can easily tell the difference between a caffiene like energy rush and a natural non stim like rush.

    for me its been fan freakin tastic. especially given my local circumstances this week, with lack of rest, new sleep pattern and being 8000 miles away from home.

    Im sore as only god knows. I cant walk worth a **** today but the lifts have been insane

    dare I say a new sheriff is trying to run the streets with our Boy RPM

    dare I?:clean: Deployed blogging

  2. cant wait to try it!

  3. Want to rub it in my face that I havn't tried it yet!!!!!!!! Good to hear its working great on you too, that makes 100% success rate so far!

  4. outside! when is the estimated release date? would you happen to know?

  5. What is Anabolic Drive?

    Is this the non-stim RPM??

  6. its not being marketed as a non stim rpm. but it does share some of the same goodies in RPM, but with a minor adjustment in rations as well as the addition of some kick ass ingredients

    monday im gonna stack the 2 together

    oh by the way JMH

    aug 15 th is the date i found out the results of my test i wa studying for Deployed blogging

  7. Sickness! ya i cant wait for the release and being able to finally take the 6 a day dose! i never got over 4 with the red n whites.

  8. This stuff is great, definitely gona be buyin plenty when it comes out.

  9. OB - keep us updated.


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