Neovar While Cutting

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    Perfect I will do 2 pre and 3 post!
    That's fine.

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    Should this be taken daily? Lift days only? Before cardio days only?

    I'm going to be lifting 3xweek Monday, wed, fri. With cardio Tuesday/thurs. Should I dose daily or just lifting or 5 days? Thanks all!
    Yes, use NeoVar Recomped daily. On resistance training days, dose as above. On cardio only or non-training days, dose 2-3 caps 15-20 minutes before a meal twice daily. All of this information can be found on the Applied Nutriceuticals website.


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  2. Yup take it twice daily regardless of training schedule. That 2 pre 3 post will work just fine. When Ive done fasted lifts im fine to take it right before but having a preworkout does aid in its usage.
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