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    Looking to try FREE TEST? Want to know about others' experiences on FREE TEST? Curious at all about FREE TEST? Used FREE TEST and want to let others know what happened? Then this is the thread for it.

    This thread is for anyone who wants to post feedback on their experience with FREE TEST.

    Extracts and all Final Reviews from any logs on FREE TEST will also be posted, so that you can have an idea of what the loggers' results are.

    ~Team APPNUT

  2. Well I'm running a SD cycle right now, but I would love to evaluate your product after the fact

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SouthernCharm View Post
    Well I'm running a SD cycle right now, but I would love to evaluate your product after the fact
    You're welcome to purchase it and log it if you wish (all the sponsored logs are currently going).

    ~Team APPNUT
  4. JoHNnyNuTz

    JoHNnyNuTz: He's Nutz. Must be FreeTest for JoHNny!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Muscle Hardness / Density:9/10- things are getting harder. Noticed my forearms are solid as hell.
    Strength Gain:7/10-No real strength increase in my numbers from last week, but I felt less tired at the end of the workout, whereas last week I think I wanted to die.
    Body Composition:7/10-Well Im sooo bloated so I kinda look flat. but most of my recomp as been in my shoulders and back. So far so good.
    Weight Gain /Fat Loss:9/10- I actually thiink Im gaining weight on this stuff, like recomp style. I havnt weighed myself but I think I look a little bigger in places. And my stomach area looks the same soo...
    Libido:10/10: If nothing else I would buy this product for these properties. Really I havnt felt so CONFIDENT in the bedroom in a while, and thats some real ****!!
    Mood:9/10: My mood is great. Good aggression only when its game time.
  5. spiderduncan

    spiderduncan: Spiderduncan's trial of FREE TEST (sponsored)

    Quote Originally Posted by spiderduncan View Post
    Week 3 - Supergrowth Workout 8
    Incline DB Press (2) 80x8,x8 (+5lbs)
    Neutral Grip Cable Row (2) 180x8,x8 (+10lbs)
    Cable Upright Row (2) 170x8,x8 (+20lbs)
    Cable High Pull (2) 160x8,x8 (20lbs)
    EZ Grip Cable Curl (2) 100x8,x8 (+10lbs)
    Pressdown (2) 120x8,x8 (+10lbs)
    Power Squat (2) 180x8,x8 (+20lbs)
    Seated Calf Raise (2) 145x8,x8 (+10lbs)

    39 minutes in length.

    DAY 13 Review:
    MUSCLE HARDNESS/DENSITY - (7) Beginning in the morning, my pecs, shoulders and lats had a sense of fullness. Almost as if I could feel them growing. Weird...I know!!!

    On a side note, I have begun to a few small pimples on the front of my deltoids.

    STRENGTH GAIN (10) - As indicated above I increase the load on all working sets. So far, there are no warning signs of stagnation. I am excited to see how long I can continue such solid/consistent progressions.

    BODY COMPOSITION (5) - I am not the best judge of body recomposition, but I would say that definition has slightly improved.

    WEIGHT GAIN/FAT LOSS (10) - Presently, I am hold steady at 1-2lbs. I rushed off to the gym this morning before weighing in (after visiting the restroom and without clothes).

    LIBIDO (8) - Slow but steady increase. At this point I have had some overwhelming urges.

    MOOD (8) - Irritation seems to set in a lot faster than normal. I find myself having to coach myself mentally when frustration sets in. The aggression in the gym is great, but I am a bit short tempered as it is, so increase is less than desirable.

  6. Grimninja117

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimninja117 View Post
    Days 8 and 9 were both rest days, been busy over the weekend financing and buying a new care :/ At least I got wheels now!

    Anyway Had a pretty good back exercise today and seemed to have been losing body fat a long with gaining some weight... kinda funky but I'll take it!

    (Basic) Back:
    Power Cleans: Warmup- 105x12, 135x10,155x5,155x5

    Lat Pull-downs: 150x10, 150x10, 150x10

    Seated rows: 135x10, 135x10, 135x10

    Shrugs: 95x10, 110x10(wasnt getting a good ROM and full pinch so I dropped weight) 80x10 (this set felt great)

    Cardio: Treadmill uphill 15% incline @ 4mph with a 2 or 3 5mph runs scattered throughout for a minute. 3 minute cooldown then the good ol sauna.

    Muscle Hardness / Density
    feelin it a bit more 7.5/10

    Strength Gain
    Still goin up a bit gotta make it to my next rotation of flat bunch of DB and or BB. 7/10

    Body Composition
    9/10, lookin pretty solid now... maybe even less BF.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss
    9/10, up 5 lbs and down a half % of BF?

    It's almost annoying lol. 11/10

    The GF is gone for a week and I have raging libido and a gnarly test week comin up But I still feel alright 7/10
  7. pmiller383

    pmiller383: Pmiller's AppNut Free Test Log

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Dynamic Lower body
    Speed Squats against Light Bands (~120 of tension at top)
    8x2 @ 325

    Wide SLDL
    2x5 @ 315

    Short Strap Reverse Hyper
    3x10 @ 290

    Hyperextensions with SSB

    4 sets

    Tire Sled
    150lbs for 4 100ft trips.
    Max Effort Upper Body
    Reverse Band Presses (~100lbs less at bottom)
    565x1 <- 2 Board

    2 Board Really Close Grips
    2x5 @ 325

    Close Grip OH Press
    2x10 @ 135
    1x8 @ 185

    Chin Ups
    3x5 @ BW + 65
    1x10 @ BW

    Gripless Face Pulls
    3 x 15

    Seated DB Hammer Curls
    3x8 @ 70's

    Free Test
    • My weight is down about three pounds this week, I'm going to bump my calories up a little but I think its mostly water weight
    • I have been very lethargic the last few days
    • I have noticed a little bit of acne on my chest, may not be directly attributed to the free test but I figure its worth mentioning
    • Joints have been feeling pretty good despite the heavier lifting the past couple days
    • Strength is filling good, no huge improvement but I feel like I am operating at full tilt right now.
    • Focus during my past couple workouts has been great. Sometimes I find it hard to get physced up for a lift because I am a pretty laid back person but this hasn't been a problem the last two workouts.
    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Active Recovery Day
    Band Circuit with light band
    Belt Squats x 50
    Good Mornings x 50
    Tricep Pushdowns x 100
    Neck extensions x 25 each way
    Free Test
    • Been lethargic all week, have spent most the days watching movies on Netflix
    • Have not been sore at all
    • Looking dry compared to normal
    • Weight is still down a little bit but strength feels good
  8. Rosie Scott

    Rosie Scott: The Female Terminator Trains to FREE TEST

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Scott View Post
    V-Burn Challenge Circuit (no recovery between exercises; 1 minute recovery between rounds):
    3 x rounds -
    1. Jumping Split Squat x 10
    2. Hand Walkout (from toes) x 10
    3. Single-Leg Deadlift (with twist and lateral reach) x 10 per side
    4. Push-Up (with alternate side rotation) x 10
    5. Jumping Jacks x 10
    6. Side Lunges (with over head reach) x 10 per side
    7. Handstand Push-Up x 10
    8. Squat Thrust (jump and reach) x 10

    Stretch 20 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Although I am AWAKE, my concentration is actually quite impaired, and I have little focus on things that require constant thought.

    Energy: Finding it.

    Mood/Aggression: Definitely NOT in the best of moods. If I could beat something to a bloody pulp, I would, and take great satisfaction in venting my aggression and rage.

    Libido: Although my body is there, I would rather be a killer than a lover right now.

    Endurance: I was actually supposed to do SEVEN rounds (and yes, I am beating myself up for NOT doing all of them) of the V-Burn Challenge Circuit - which would have taken ~50 minutes. However, I only completed three rounds - it is actually quite demanding, and I am going to have to work up to seven rounds, adding an extra one each week.

    Strength: It's more strength ENDURANCE this session.

    Quality of Training: WOW. That was a hard session - all those plyometrics; not the best thing for my knees (and a lot of leg work - I had best NOT gain any more mass in my lower body!) Handstand Push-Ups was a new exercise for me, and I will admit that I suffered greatly throughout them, and my last set almost saw me fall on my face (so very not cool).

    Recovery: My core and back have finally settled - just in time to start the pain all over again tomorrow . . .

    Pump: This was a definite high pump session.

    Vascularity: Good.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Resistance training again is making a difference - not sure only THREE sessions is all that great, though (I feel like I am doing NOTHING and need MORE, but am willing to give this a shot, especially considering the circumstances).

    Body Composition and Look: Down to 116.8 pounds, so a total of 7.8 pounds lost so far. As I've said before, training makes all the difference, and it's amazing how much better I feel now that I am training again!

    Other Effects: The last couple of days, FREE TEST has caused some stomach upsets within the first hour of dosing, settling down after that . . . I have also noticed that I am thirstier than usual (I still need to drink MORE!) during the day . . .
    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Scott View Post
    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min skip
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 8 x 40 sec effort/20 sec easy
    d. 4 min skip

    Gym (30 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Underhand-Grip BB Bent Over Rows 4 x 5RM
    2. Overhead BB Squats 4 x 5RM
    3. Weighted Dips 4 x 5RM
    4. BB Ab Rollout 4 x 5

    Stretch 21 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Still a little 'fuzzy', but needing to be on the money.

    Energy: Good re training.

    Mood/Aggression: Mood better than it has been, but still highly disappointed in myself. Aggression remains high.

    Libido: 'Overtime' is an understatement.

    Joints: Niggles in my knees.

    Endurance: Resistance sessions are so unbelievably and uncharacteristically short that my cardio sessions are going to have to be longer.

    Strength: Increase from last week.

    Quality of Training: HIIT was fine - definitely sprints better, though . . . Resistance session was good. Considering that my usual recovery period between sets is one minute, and for such heavy sets, the general usual recovery period is 2-5 minutes, I think I'm doing pretty well . . .

    Recovery: I ended up making yesterday a Day Off, and I'm going to have to schedule one in a week - most probably going to be on Sunday; which means that Sunday's HIIT session will be done on Monday pre-weights.

    Pump: During HIIT yes, but not during weights.

    Vascularity: Average.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Arms.

    Body Composition and Look: 13.2% bodyfat, which is a loss of 1.1% bodyfat over the last 8 days.
  9. jrmuscle

    jrmuscle: Why the hell be locked down when we can FREE TEST ourselves to death

    Quote Originally Posted by jrmuscle View Post
    Muscle Hardness / Density-- i have noticed i am a little more dense during workouts i have rock hard everything
    Strength Gain--my lifts have gone up 5 lbs on everything and reps increased slightly on curls and kickbacks
    Body Composition-- i have roughly 10 percent body fat abs are getting more defined and muscles look fuller
    Weight Gain / Fat Loss-- i amnot even eating to gain but have went from 205lbs to 207lbs in a weeks time
    Libido-- haha omg you guys are only getting what i have experienced and you can go from there lol. i am not one to like alot of sex my hormones are always up and down mostly down. but lets just say every day gets worse ( i really mean better ) lol and i need sex i say need it 4 or 5 times a day my girl seriously told me to chill out
    Mood-- honest i am a diiick head lately at work i am edgy moody and angry all day and when i go to the gym i feel like godzilla and no one better get in my damn way. i think i like my test levels and when i send in my saliva test for test levels i bet they are through the roof no no i almost guarantee it

  10. This looks great Rosie. You really do go out of your way for this stuff. Makes me happy to be a team player. And very eager to use you other products.


  11. sloboda

    sloboda: Slobodaís Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test Log

    Quote Originally Posted by sloboda View Post
    Tuesday, June 8th. Lower Power. Day 13 of Free Test.

    this was honestly the best workout of my life. i wanted to redeem last weeks mishap but also i was emotionally into it 100%. the intensity was there on every single set. i nailed life time PR's today. Bruce and myself have insane chemistry inside the gym we lit the place up. I can't get over how nuts it really was the whole room stopped when we did our sets today. the chance of walking tomorrow is slim to none for both of us

    315x5 (PR)
    340x2 (PR)

    275x5 (PR)
    275x5 (PR)
    275x5 (PR)
    295x3 (PR)

    I wanna count the 300x5 into the PR also simply because i made that weight my bitch. I've never been able to control so well and go as deep as i did today.. same with the 315. no doubt in my mind i could have busted out two-three more reps. the 340 was ATG as well. bruce was in the ****ing zone also.. he managed to forget to put on the belt and repped out 275 like it was NOTHING. after seeing him do that then realizing he forgot the belt made me go beastmode

    Rack-Pulls: 5x5
    520x5 (PR)
    520x5 (PR)
    530x5 (PR)

    455x5 (PR)
    425x5 (PR)
    425x5 (PR)
    425x5 (PR)

    the numbers speak for themselves on this one. proud is what i am of bruce and myself

    Still-Leg Deadlifts: 5x5
    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)

    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)
    185x5 (PR)

    Standing Calf Raises: 5x8-12



    PR's across the board. best workout of my life and Bruce's too
    Quote Originally Posted by sloboda View Post
    Wednesday, June 9th. Day 14 of Free Test. Free Test Recap

    today is an off day for me i've been feeling great the past two days from the refeed + getting 10 hours of sleep each night. i figured today would be a great time to post some Free Test feed back

    Muscle Hardness/Density: 10/10
    I'm still puffy from the sodium but my muscles are rock hard. they've never felt this dense and full. even on my depleted days where i know i'm flat/look flat, Bruce tells me i look full. with those things being said it has to be a 10/10

    Strength Gain: 10/10
    I've hit over 20 PR's since i started. enough said

    Body Composition: TBD

    Still losing fat at a steady pace nothing more than 2lbs a week from what i see.

    Weight Gain/Fat Loss: TBD
    I'll be weighing myself June 21st as the after weight. Starting was 156lbs. I've been honestly holding the trigger back on more fat loss. i know if i kept my refeed days clean id be losing A LOT more, i really wanted to see if i could keep hitting PR's/losing a decent amount of fat with these cheats and its been working wonders. so i'll be sticking to it the whole way through this log

    Libido: 6/10
    Starting was 5/10, honestly its been a bit better but nothing over the top. It was mostly noticeable when i was taking the Drive samples for a few days straight though.

    Mood: ATM: 10/10 / Overall: Varies
    I'm in a great mood today, it varies of course. Monday-Thursday: I feel awesome but as soon as i finish Thursdays workout the mood usually goes down because i start to feel depleted. once Saturday comes i'm out of it mentally because of Legs on Friday. Sunday is the day where i'm extremely irritated, impatient and emotional. basically i wanna be left alone all day Sunday.

  12. PRMachine

    PRMachine: Freely Testing FREE TEST on my Free Test!

    Quote Originally Posted by PRMachine View Post
    Thunder, lightning, pissing rain on the way to the gym today. Was soaked. Also changed a few things this workout, so there wasn't really any potential for PRs.[/B]

    General Notes: Nothing to add.
    Dosing/Timing: 4 caps with breakfast. Trained about 1 hour 30 minutes after. I also used 3 caps of Drive, about 45 minutes pre-wo. A review is below.
    Muscle Hardness / Density: 5/10 No change in hardness or density.
    Strength Gain: 5/10 No change in strength gains. Have not made any big gains compared to usual.
    Body Composition: 7/10 I'm more vascular than usual, but I don't seem to be any leaner. Could also be that my abs are sore and I can't flex them to judge how well they show. I do have some nice tricep veins showing better than usual though.
    Weight Gain /Fat Loss: ?/10 Will not rate just yet. I have weighed in at 186.6 this morning though. I generally weight between 186-189, so it's not new.
    Libido: 5/10 I no longer recieve any changes to my libido.
    Mood: 5/10 I no longer feel "happier" shortly after my FREE TEST dose.
  13. gym_issue

    gym_issue: SET FREE with Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test

    Quote Originally Posted by gym_issue View Post
    Day 14


    I am really leaning out. Free Test, at least for me, is helping me lean out while eating above my maintenance level. This is pretty exciting. I weigh 183 and am lookin shredded.
    My strength is steady, as well as my endurance.Feels good mayne!

    Muscle Hardness / Density: 9/10

    Strength Gain: 7/10

    Body Composition: 9/10

    Weight Gain/Fat Loss: 9/10

    Libido: 7/10

    Mood: 10/10
  14. littlefry

    littlefry: Bust a Nut! With Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test

    Quote Originally Posted by littlefry View Post
    Here is my shock chest+bi's workout from yesterday. Overall it went really well. My legs where still sore from the day before so I only followed up with 20mins of LISS, which I feel is all I need since Im currently recomping/maintaining.

    Some PR's to note below on supersets.

    Shock - Chest & Bis
    Flat Dumbbell bench Flat Fly SS 2 sets 10 reps -PR
    65 x 10 35 x 10
    65 x 10 35 x 10
    Incline Dumbbell Bench Incline Fly SS 2 sets 10 reps - PR
    50 x 10 30 x 10
    50 x 10 30 x 10
    Machine Press DS 1 set 10 reps
    225 x 10
    205 x 8
    185 x 7
    EZ Curl Dumbbell Curl SS 2 sets 10 reps
    85 x 10 45 x 10
    85 x 10 45 x 10
    Preacher Curl Hammer Curl SS 2 sets 10 reps - PR
    110 x 10 40 x 10
    110 x 10 40 x 10
    Barbell Curl DS 1 set 10 reps
    65 x 10
    55 x 8
    45 x 8
  15. Black_Dread

    Black_Dread: Black_Dread Tests out Applied Nutriceuticals FREE TEST!

    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Dread View Post
    DAY 16


    DEADLIFTS: 135X10 135X8 175X6 225X4

    T-BAR ROWS: 1 plateX10 1+25X8 1+25X6 2X4

    LAT PULLDOWN: 80X10 80X8 90X6 100X4


    BARBELL CURLS: 45X10 55X8 65X6 75X4

    HAMMER CURLS: 45X10 45X8 50X6 55X4

    WORKOUT REACTION: Great lift today..... got some news about my hockey camps being cancelled so I was pretty bummed yesterday but I am going back to school in the fall for my personal trainer certificate so that should be fun!.... Felt really good on the dead's today!

    Scale of 1-10:

    Muscle Hardness / Density: 9/10

    Good pump today.. didnt really hinder my weight.

    Strength Gain: 8.5/10

    Felt nice and strong on the deadlifts

    Body Composition: 8.7/10

    People are saying I look bigger and im starting to look more cut up

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss: TBD

    Im going to do a weight in at the end of this log.... I wana concenrate on the trianing and eating rather then doing a weigh in every week. so stay tuned ive gotten a lot of compliments that I look bigger.

    Libido: 8.7/10

    Little bit of an increase

    Mood: 710

    Horrible day yesterday..... nothing to do but move on
    Quote Originally Posted by Black_Dread View Post
    DAY 17


    MILITARY PRESS: 45X10 55X8 65X6 75X4

    FRONT DUMBBELL RAISES: 15X10 15X8 17.5X6 17.5X4

    SIDE DUMBBELL RAISES: 15X10 15X8 17.5X6 17.5X4


    BARBELL SHRUGS: 135X10 175X8 225X6 245X4

    TRAP CIRCUIT: 135X10 (narrow grip) 135X10 (medium grip) 135X10 (wide grip) 135X10 (behind the back)

    WORKOUT REACTION: Nice lift today.... no one was around to spot so I didnt go to heavy on the military presses. had some nice vascularity today as well.

    Scale of 1-10:

    Muscle Hardness / Density: 9/10

    Nice and vascular

    Strength Gain: 8.6/10

    Did feel a little b it stronger. the past test boosters I have ran by day 17 I felt like the incredible hulk.

    Body Composition: 8.7/10

    People are saying I look bigger and im starting to look more cut up

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss: TBD

    Im going to do a weight in at the end of this log.... I wana concenrate on the trianing and eating rather then doing a weigh in every week. so stay tuned ive gotten a lot of compliments that I look bigger.

    Libido: 8.7/10

    Little bit of an increase

    Mood: 8/10

    good mood
  16. JoHNnyNuTz

    JoHNnyNuTz: He's Nutz. Must be FreeTest for JoHNny!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    OK everyone. This is my final review...

    Muscle Hardness / Density:8/10- My muscle starting feeling hard and really full within the first week, only to get better from there.
    Strength Gain:8/10- I noticeda considerable strength gain as I went back and looked at my notes. From weeks 2to3 is where I think it really kicked in. IN my noets I was using about 10 pounds heavier on alot of exercises in the p90x. If it wasnt a weight increase There were definitly more reps with the same weight from the previous week.
    Body Composition:9/10- Right away I noticed the parts of my body that didnt carry the"fat" were getting more toned throughout the time of use. I only wish I had taken a pic in the third week, Because it was at that time my toned parts looked best(Changed my meds and they started putting weight on me during the last week)
    Weight Gain /Fat Loss:?/10- This one is hard, like I said above I gained a few pounds i think due to my meds. But the first week and a half I lost a few pounds then after that I started slowley gaining(even before my med change) So all in all, I think my body WAS going through a recomp. And I truly believe that a pound or two was due to my hard work an possibly FreeTest.
    Libido:10/10-Forget it. Like I stated before, if I ever have problems down there I would buy this product just for that. Ive taken I believe 5 test boosters in the past year and this was the best as far as libido was concerned.
    Mood:9/10-My mood was elevated throughout the time I was taking this. I seemed pretty chipper until of course I was getting ready for my workout. As soon as I put it in my mind that I was getting ready, It was like a flick of switch. Focus, determination, and also BEASTMODE!!! When I hit it, I hit it hard.

    SO this is my conclusion of this product. Overall great product. I will definitly use it again in the future, and I WOULD recomend it to others. The only thing was that I wish my meds didnt have a part in this. I believe, Like I said, during week 3 was great and only wished I could have followed through without any barriers. But oh well **** happens and life must go on. Thanks again Team App. NUt. For This logging opportunity. I hope I lived up to my end of the bargain. And This was one hell of a ride, thanks again all that followed you too, were part of my overcoming in this log. THANKS EVERYONE!! PEACE!!
  17. spiderduncan

    spiderduncan: Spiderduncan's trial of FREE TEST (sponsored)

    Quote Originally Posted by spiderduncan View Post
    Week 4 - Supergrowth Workout 11
    Incline DB Press (2) 80x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    Neutral Grip Cable Row (2) 180x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    Cable Upright Row (2) 170x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    Cable High Pull (2) 160x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    EZ Grip Cable Curl (2) 100x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    Pressdown (2) 120x10,x10 (+2 reps)
    Power Squat (2) 180x8,x8 (+20lbs)
    Seated Calf Raise (2) 145x10,x10 (+2 reps)

    54 minutes in length. Here is a catch 22 scenario. I am especially motivated by the consistent improvements in strength (reps, then load). However, I am beginning to fatigue mentally, wanting the progressions to continue. Therefore I allowed more time between sets to allow for mental preparation.

    Disce Pati!!!!!

    DAY 19 Review:
    MUSCLE HARDNESS/DENSITY - (10) Muscularity/vascularity was pronounced during AM workout. Another gym goer said, "You are getting big!" Outside observations are THE BEST compliments.

    STRENGTH GAIN (10) - Especially consistent. This is phenomenal! I can understand the progressions if I was using a slow progression model like HST or 5x5, but I have been work near/at failure for just over 3 weeks with an increase in reps/load each and every workout.

    BODY COMPOSITION (5) - Static.

    WEIGHT GAIN/FAT LOSS (10) - Weight is now +3-4 lbs. Again, morning weigh-in after bathroom (1 and 2, sorry) and without clothes.

    LIBIDO (8) - Increases have plateaued. Overall, libido has been elevated.

    MOOD (8) - Irritability/aggression remains intact. However, I believe I am coming to terms with this.
    Quote Originally Posted by spiderduncan View Post
    My spine and right elbow have been showing some signs of overuse. Therefore I am bringing my BBB program to a close and will be transitioning to German Volume Training. I will be using the same primary lifts, with the exception of chins being substituted for pull-ups. To alleviate any overuse with my triceps, I will not be performing isolation movements.


    DAY 23 Review:
    MUSCLE HARDNESS/DENSITY - (8) The pump I achieve during my workout is rewarding.

    STRENGTH GAIN (10) - Strength combined with weight gain have been consistent. However, my joints are starting to ache.

    BODY COMPOSITION (6) - Status quo.

    WEIGHT GAIN/FAT LOSS (10) - Morning bodyweight is holding steady at +3lbs. For some reason, I morning was exactly +3? Not sure what happened here as calories are constant.

    LIBIDO (6) - Unchanged from last update.

    MOOD (6) - I would say that aggression has returned to baseline at this point.
  18. Grimninja117

    Grimninja117: Grim's AppNut Super Stack! (Sponsered)

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimninja117 View Post
    Muscle Hardness / Density
    9/10 Slowly climbing. Definitely feeling an improvement here.

    Strength Gain
    9/10. Pretty dang apparent seeing as how I've had 2 prs already. 1 on bench and 1 on squat, and yesterday I did 85lb dumbells for 6 reps >.< Gonna max out again on bench next week. see how we're doing.

    Body Composition
    still 8/10, but seeing as how i've gone up 8 lbs so far and have only gained 1-2%BF in 3 weeks, it's not bad.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss
    8/10 mainly like the above statement.

    10/10. Not sure if it's this stuff and drive combined or what but it's wild.

    8/10. Stress, school, but feeling great all around.

    Been really busy with school and homework and the gym and now I've picked up some martial arts practice (which is amazing and helping every aspect of my workouts btw )...
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimninja117 View Post
    Muscle Hardness / Density
    9/10 For all the same reasons.

    Strength Gain
    9/10. Hopefully will put up a ton on bench this coming week and bump this up to a 10.

    Body Composition
    9/10. Been packing away calories like a mad man. Read next.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss
    9.5/10, Been dissapointed in my weight gain thus far, however it has been all lean gains even through a rather dirty bulk. I have gained about 5lbs since starting free test but have only gone up about .5% BF. Not bad.

    10/10, still ragin...

    Today is Thursday.. tomorrow is friday and i'm looking forward to a nice couple of rest days this weekend. 9/10.
  19. pmiller383

    pmiller383: Pmiller's AppNut Free Test Log

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Upper Body Accessory (Monday)
    Close Grip Presses
    4x8 @ 4 Plates
    4x25 @ BW
    Hammer Curls
    2x10 @ 70's
    Dynamic Effort Lower Body
    15' Box Squats against 110lbs Band Tension
    405x1 <PR
    455x1 <Huge PR
    * I left the bands + 455 and did some partials to get used to lifting out of a monolift.
    Elevated Speed Pulls
    5 singles worked up to 425 on a 4' box
    Back Raises
    3x10 @ 45
    3x10 @ 25
    Free Test Notes
    • Muscular Recovery has been great
    • Strength feels ok, My nervous system has been taking a beating this cycle though.
    • Body weight is down a little bit and it seems to be from fat loss/water loss which is cool
  20. Rosie Scott

    Rosie Scott: The Female Terminator Trains to FREE TEST

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Scott View Post
    Day 15 - 2-Week Overview of FREE TEST

    Sleep - Time and Quality: My sleeping patterns are still out of whack, but at least they are settling down into something - albeit not the schedule I WANT, but it is better than either not sleeping or sleeping excessively.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Due to the nature of my working commitments, I have HAD to be focused and have complete concentration. There have been a few days where I have been unable to deal with much for long periods of time, but for the most part, I have been locked on target.

    Energy: My energy levels have been good. I have the energy to get through training and very active night work, as well as not being able to 'shut down' until the mid hours of morning.

    Mood/Aggression: Mood has been up and down over the last couple of weeks, more a product of circumstances and environment than anything else. Aggression, though, has been higher than the usual high, and has provided a good source of motivation for training.

    Stress: Stress is still high, but it has been more manageable, as I attempt to NOT let it affect me as much.

    Libido: This is one of the predominant effects, with my body being ready pretty much ALL the time (which, yes, can be a little annoying sometimes), even if my head is NOWhere near that train of thought.

    Joints: My left wrist aches on and off still, more on than off . . . My knees have actually gotten better over the last two weeks . . . My back is only affected after certain heavy days of lifting . . .

    Endurance: My endurance has changed. In the gym, I am having only 30-45 seconds recovery between sets, as opposed to 1-3 minutes. Cardio sessions are not really been long enough to notice an improvement in endurance, but re speed endurance, I have been able to do longer efforts with HIIT Cardio.

    Strength: Although I am not too focused on strength gains, I have been able to increase my weights each session in the gym, indicating improvement re strength.

    Quality of Training: The first week of FREE TEST, I trained EVERY day, which was quite demanding on my body. However, I thoroughly enjoyed almost every session, and the sessions done were reasonable. The second week of FREE TEST, I only trained four days, but EVERY training session planned for the week was completed, and I actually feel that the higher training volume per day works better for my body.

    Recovery: The first week of FREE TEST, I was so sore that by the end of the week I was moving like an ancient crone with every joint problem imaginable. The second week of FREE TEST was a pleasant walk in the park, with the almost complete elimination of DOMS (and yes, having every other day as a recovery day helped as well).

    Pump: My resistance training has not been the rep-range ideal to elicit a pump. Pump has been created fast during Cardio and the V-Burn Challenge Circuit though.

    Vascularity: Vascularity has gradually been improving.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: This is the most noticeable in my arms. Legs - which generally remain fairly hard all the time - have become more dense due to the extra work being done for them.

    Body Composition and Look: I am now 12.9% bodyfat. Although only a small decrease in body composition over this last week, that is a total of a 1.4% loss in bodyfat over the last two weeks, averaging out at 0.7% bodyfat loss per week. Considering that the first week on FREE TEST was almost next to perfect re execution of nutrition and training (reflected in bodyfat and weight loss) and the second week was subpar at best (less training and a voracious appetite that I attempted to satiate), this is decent re results.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: I definitely feel BETTER. I know that I CAN achieve my desired body composition in ~5 more weeks. All I need is 100% DISCIPLINE with my nutrition and training 6-7 days a week, and I WILL get there! Motivation is high. Dedication is renewed. It's good to be training again!

    Other Effects: The first week of FREE TEST, I had next to no appetite, but this last week, it has been INsatiable, and I have been easily consuming my Maintenance of ~4,300 calories - if not MORE - daily.
  21. Starkk

    Starkk: Feel FREE to TEST me, brah! Starkk recomps ITT

    Quote Originally Posted by Starkk View Post
    DAY 4

    Day 4 was top notch. I went into this workout not sure what would happen. Wasnít feeling too pumped or ready to roll by any means, but as it turns out, I was. Started out slow and built up my energy quickly. Actually had a few people stop and watch me while I was deadlifting, which is definitely a good sign. Apparently, Iím impressing someone.

    Workout was as follows:

    Warmed up a bit on the treadmill and did some bent over rows w/an empty bar (25 or so)
    Deadlifts-4x8-255,4-345, 3-365, 2-365
    Calf Raises (Smith)-4x12-255
    Pull-ups (Medium-width grip, overhand) - 4x8, 8, 6, 8 (w/band support for assisted reps)
    Seated Calf Raises-4x12-150
    Bent Over T-Bar Rows-4x6-255, 4-255, 4-255, 8-210, 12-165
    Ab-work (varies)
    Seated Cable Face Pull (cable set high to target my upper back)-5x12-100, 8-140, 6-180, 4-200

    Ab work consisted of the usual torso twists, crunches, weighted sit-ups and lumberjack chops, etc

    Muscle Hardness / Density-8/10
    Felt pretty solid. Wish I had gotten my update pic right after leaving the gym, as I had a nice pump going, but my wife wasnít home to take the pic.
    Oh, well.

    Strength Gain-8/10
    Deadlift went up twenty pounds and I can consistently do more pull-ups now, which feels awesome. I canít stress enough what an important exercise for back development I think this is. Letís build some serious mass!

    Body Composition-8/10
    Okay. Looking at my photo, I feel pretty fat, but I feel confident I can shred it off and make my muscles pop by the time weíre done here.

    Weight Gain /Fat Loss-8/10
    Weighed in at 219 yesterday, so fawk yeah. Thatís awesome.

    Again, libido is ridiculous. Keep having vivid dreams that I wonít go into. Something is wrong with me, I think. Itís like Iím 17 years old again (No Zac Efron).

    Mood was decent. Got into a minor fight with the wife last night about how often Iím gone at the gym and what not but I think we both emerged in a better place with it. Just needed her to understand how important it was to me. I think she forgets sometimes that I used to be 330lbs and morbidly obese. Itís hard to appreciate something like this the way I do unless youíve experienced that and sheís always been fit pretty effortlessly.

    Overall, I give this day a 8.5/10. Good progress, diet is still perfectly in check w/3,000 cals a day...
  22. jrmuscle: FINAL REVIEW

    jrmuscle: Why the hell be locked down when we can FREE TEST ourselves to death

    Quote Originally Posted by jrmuscle View Post
    Muscle Hardness / Density--you heard of the song like a rock !!!! 9/10

    Strength Gain-- weight went up steady in most lifts so over all nice gains here 9/10

    Body Composition-- fuller harder leaner less fat around evrything lol 10/10

    Weight Gain / Fat Loss-- gained from 191.5 to 195 without trying and all muscle 10/10

    Libido-- it was way up but not so much today i think it is because i only had two caps left today! over all it was high with no lows 8.5/10

    Mood-- Superman !!!!! 10/10

    overall profile 10/10 very good product!!!
  23. sloboda

    sloboda: Slobodaís Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test Log

    Quote Originally Posted by sloboda View Post
    Wednesday, June 16th. Chest/Back Hypertrophy. Day 21 of Free Test


    those three days off did me some good. i skipped the power days to re shift my lifting schedule to make sure i have off days on Saturday since my friend Adam has his first two shows coming up. http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/PaFoO/

    I can see my bottle of Free Test coming to an end so for now i'm just dosing 2 caps in the morning to make it last a few more days/tamper off

    here's what Bruce and myself conquered

    Barbell Bench Press: 5x8-12

    I did not do all of the reps by myself. towards the third set i was failing on the 8th rep but had enough energy to finish off a few more with a spot.

    Barbell Row: 5x8-12

    I have a video of the 265x10. the form will be hated on without a doubt, ill post if people wanna see. the way i do it is like Dorian Yates style; i call them "dorirows"

    basically this is how they work, very upright stance, elbows in, close grip.
    direct video of the man himself explaining from a seminar at my gym

    Incline Dumbbell Flyes superset w/Reverse Close-grip Pulldowns: 4x8-12
    35x15 / 140x14
    45x15 / 160x12
    50x12 / 170x10
    55x12 / 180x7, restpause x3, dropset 120xfailure

    Incline Leverage superset w/HS Machine Rows: 4x8-12
    95x12 / 180x12
    95x12 / 180x12
    95x12 / 180x12
    95x12+ forced reps, dropset 45xfailure / 180x12, dropset 45xfailure

    V-Bar Pulldowns superset w/Decline HS Machine Press: 3x8-12
    140x12 / 140x14
    140x10 / 160x14
    140xfailure / 180x12

    Machine Pullovers superset w/Lifefitness Flye Machine: 3x8-15
    120x15 / 130x15
    120x15 / 120x15
    120xfailure / 120x15


    I've never been this strong on bench press. If i was used to going high volume on it i could def see myself doing more weight/reps EASILY. this workout was very long honestly but from all the food i ate the past few days im an energizer bunny right now so i felt 100% all the way through. tomorrow is leg hypertrophy, i'm reliant on redeem because of last weeks incident
    Quote Originally Posted by sloboda View Post
    Tuesday, June 22nd. Lower Power. Day 26th of Free Test.

    awesome workout today. i finally squatted bout tree fiddy we had to pass on rack pulls since we didn't wanna wait around for a rack so instead we deadlifted, it was my first time since i started lifting again in feburary. i was very pleased

    350x1 (PR)


    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

    my hamstrings were beyond dead at this point so i went for slow squeezing reps

    Standing Calf Raises: 5x8-12

    to make sure i got all 12 reps i rest pasued if needed.


    the format today was a little different since i orginally planned on doing 3x5.
    I should be done with Free Test within the next week. It's got a bunch of servings left since i slowly tamped from 4/3/2 pills.
  24. PRMachine

    PRMachine: Freely Testing FREE TEST on my Free Test!

    Quote Originally Posted by PRMachine View Post

    Not much to say here. Changed up a few things, and these floor extensions destroyed my triceps. Felt so good to isolate them.

    I need ANOTHER back thickness exercise. It might be 1 arm cable rows.

    General Notes: Nothing to add.
    Dosing/Timing: 4 caps with breakfast. Trained about 1 hour 30 minutes later
    Muscle Hardness / Density: 5/10 No noticed changes.
    Strength Gain: 5/10 No changes out of the ordinary.
    Body Composition: 7/10 Hard to tell so early in, but most noticeable I have been more vascular.
    Weight Gain/Fat Loss: Too early to tell.
    Libido: 5/10 No noticeable changes.
    Mood: 5/10 No noticeable changes. Back to normal as compared to the first few days.

    Green = PR

    Wide Incline Smith Bench (11-15RP)
    LastTime: PS1platex11
    ThisTime: PS1plate10x18+6+5=29

    Incline DB Chest Stretch 35x90seconds

    Shoulder Press Pin Press (11-15RP)
    LastTime: 130x9+2+1=12
    ThisTime: 130x9+3+1=13

    Delt Stretchx30sec.

    Floor Extensions (11-20RP) (bar=20)
    ThisTime: 90x13+5+4=22

    Tricep Stretch, 60 seconds

    Pulldown (15-20RP)
    LastTime: 160x11+3+2=16
    ThisTime: 160x11+3+3=17


    Seated Cable Row (4-8, 9-15SS)
    LastTime: 190x6, 165x11
    ThisTime: 190x6, 165x11

    60lb Hang to failure, Lat insertion stretching

  25. gym_issue

    gym_issue: SET FREE with Applied Nutriceuticals Free Test

    Quote Originally Posted by gym_issue View Post
    Day 22


    Incline Bench Press

    Incline Dumbbell Press

    Incline Dumbbell Flies

    Giant Set-3 rounds
    Low Cable Flies 12.5x10
    Incline Pushups BWx10
    Pec Dec 90x12

    Tricep Instinct Work
    All sets to failure

    21 minutes
    1 minute sprint tapering up to speed 12 starting on 9
    1 minute recovery on 5

    Another awesome workout. This is in fact my last day on Free Test as my bottle is EMPTY! I absolutely loved it, and I have a feeling that it would do me good to run through another bottle, but unfortunately I had to cough up 300 dollars extra for my college tuition today. I'm not sure if the other loggers experienced the same thing, but I LEANED the heck out on this stuff!...


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