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  1. Thumbs up ♂♂♂ FEEDBACK on HGHup♂ by AN ♂♂♂

    This thread is for anyone who wants to post feedback on their experience with HGHup♂.

    Extracts from each log currently running will also be posted so that you can have an idea of what each logger's results are without bias.

    Team APPNUT

  2. andrew372

    andrew372: Andrew732's HGHup Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Day 13
    Woke up QUICKLY after the alarm hit me, extremly deep sleep Recovered real well and had a sore-free body. Loving the recovery aspect of this supplemeny, not to mention cognitive function is still noticealy up. My muay thai instructor kept telling me that my head movement was OUTSTANDING, and I agree my coordination is simply amazing, I had amazing focus throughout all my training today without distraction. Endurance was HIGH today, things have been taking off since day 11...I had amazing pumps at the gym, reps were much easier, though I did not try to go up in weight but by the looks of it; I could have gone heavier. I had a sprint today that was a PR! Mood is great...

    Sleep - Time and Quality 12/10
    Mental Alertness/Focus 10.5/10
    Energy 11/10
    Motivation 11/10
    Mood/Aggression 9/10
    Stress 10/10
    Libido 8/10
    Joints 10/10
    Endurance 11/0
    Strength 9/10
    Quality of Training 11/10
    Pump and Vascularity 10/10
    Muscle Hardness/Density 9.5/10
    Body Composition and Look 9/10
    Appetite 5/10
    Overall Sense of Feeling 10/10


  3. pmiller383

    pmiller383: Pmiller's HGHup♂ Sponsored Log

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    395x5 455x3 500x1 525x1
    Deadlift with suit on
    525x1 545x1
    50x20 75x20x15x20 50x30seconds
    Pull Down Abs
    (pull down abs and swings were supersetted, thought I was going to die)

    HGHup Effects
    • Sleep - Time and Quality - Just under 7.5 hours of ok sleep
    • Mental Alertness/Focus - Good Focus
    • Energy - Average
    • Motivation - above average
    • Mood/Aggression - Pretty rev'd up this morning
    • Stress - none
    • Libido - Higher than normal
    • Joints - Felt good
    • Endurance - Normal
    • Strength - Good but not great
    • Quality of Training - Above average
    • Pump and Vascularity - N/A
    • Muscle Hardness/Density - Still felt very dense
    • Body Composition and Look - Only one hole left on my squat belt
    • Appetite - Normal
    • Overall Sense of Feeling - Ok
  4. nosnmiveins

    nosnmiveins: ~~HHHHGHHHHup♂!! Nosnmiveins' App Nut Sponsored Log~~

    Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    Sleep - Time and Quality best supp for sleep ever. im not having crazy dreams or anything, but the deep deep sleep is amazing. i could wake up in 5 hours or 10 hours and i feel refreshed and ready to go.
    Mental Alertness/Focus havent noticed too much, usually only stims help with this.
    Energy normal
    Mood/Aggression this is also very pronounced. just want to pounce at anything pissing me off.
    Stress besides wanting to destroy weights its all good.
    Libido one horny mofo here
    Joints right elbow was bothering me doing triceps for the first couple of sets.
    Endurance after an hour in the gym i still feel like i need to keep going and going, but know i dont need to overtrain.
    Strength somethings about to happen
    Quality of Training intense
    Pump and Vascularity VERY noticeable pump, im on sust.mast.npp and the pump ive had the last couple of days on HGHup have been awesome...very much like im on an oral. i also feel PUMPED when i first wakeup in the morning
    Muscle Hardness/Density haaaaard
    Body Composition and Look cant quite tell yet
    Appetite normal
    Overall Sense of Feeling not too shabby
  5. Vipersg123

    Vipersg123: Winning The Title - HGH up Sponsored log - A Competitive Strongman's Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Vipersg123 View Post
    Sleep: 10 Ive been getting the best sleep ever... I am waking up on my on completely refreshed

    Mental Alertness: 7, Gave this a seven because it's sort of a hard thing to measure and past the few days I can't notice to much difference...

    Energy: 8 Good energy all day... although i get tired at night lately which isn't bad because im not getting a second wind at 10pm and staying up later than I want.

    Motivation: 8 Feeling very motivated

    Stress: 9 Suprisingly i haven't been stressed through the move

    Libidio: 8 I am getting constant morning woood, haha

    Joints: 7 No real change here

    Endurance: 7 Not much new noticed here

    Strength: 9 Much improvement here... lately it seems like my pressing and clean strength is going up most noticeably.

    Training quality: 7 If I were in a gym that worked well for me then I'de be having great workouts, but for now since I don't have the equipment I need im not going to have the greatest of workouts

    Pump/vascularity: 10 Holy crap, When i was in the gym the other day all my veins were bulging out and because of the move my diet hasn't been right on either so I was very suprised!

    Muscle hardness: 10 Same thing, I feel solid lately....

    body composition and look: 10 much improvement as stated above and im headed exactly where I want to go

    Appetite: 7 Not much new here... not getting too hungry anymore and since I don't have so much **** in the fridge or cabinets tht I can snack on I am having less cravings cuz the bad stuff just isn't there!

    Overall sense of feeling: 9 I feel great even in the conditions I am in, living in a new home.

  6. tattoopierced1

    tattoopierced1: Tat's gettin HiGHUP (AppNut Sponsered Log)

    Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    Shoulders, abs, calves yesterday. Workout went great. Really put focus on the mid delt during shoulders. Things are really starting to change for me while using HGHUP. I feel more aggressive as the days progress, a def. alpha male type feeling throughout the day. For the first time yesterday, my muscle bellies feel "full" throughout the day.

    Sleep: again, starting to really get better, more restful sleep.
    Mental Alertness/Focus: slightly increased
    Energy: same
    Motivation: slightly increased due to aggression being up
    Mood/Aggression: better overall mood, very aggressive
    Stress: same
    Libido: same
    Joints: slightly better than normal
    Endurance: same
    Strength: same, havent noticed much in terms of strength gains outside of normal progression
    Quality of Training: very good, feel very aggressive in the gym
    Pump and Vascularity: pretty much the same, however Pump can be felt as muscle bellies feel full throughout the day.
    Muscle Hardness/Density: density feels up throughout the day
    Body Composition and Look: mid section is starting to lean up a tad more
    Appetite: starting to hit a stride, I am finding myself hungry often
    Overall Sense of Feeling: great, very alpha male.


    Starting Thursday, I am going to greatly increase my caloric intake as I will be done cutting/recomp and I really want to stay in the 240's at the bodyfat I'm at now and begin another bulk. Just a few more days to go, and HGHUP appears to be leaning me up very nicely while keeping my strength higher than a normal cut would have done to my strength.
  7. Tomahawk88

    Tomahawk88: Tomahawk's HGHup sponsored log

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Sleep - Time and Quality 8/10 7 hours of sleep and I was out. I woke up on my own without my alarm and felt great
    Mental Alertness/Focus 8/10
    Energy 10/10 worked out then led a successful practice
    Motivation 10/10
    Mood/Aggression 9/10 Got a lil pissed when I lost my squat rack because some guy wanted to rant after I asked him how much he deadlifted.
    Stress 7/10 nothing too major
    Libido 9/10 ya it was def in full affect. Every female seemed to appear hotter today. I wont even go into detail about that anymore.
    Joints 8/10 the usual bother some joints feel fine
    Endurance 7/10 didnt do anything with real endurance except run some at practice but cut it short due to wearing the wrong shoes mostly.
    Strength 8/10 felt good on everything wish I would have gotten to do my squat widowmaker though
    Quality of Training 6/10 only because of no squats or else would have easily been an 8
    Pump and Vascularity 6/10 Idk what it was but didnt have a pump from training today but recovery between sets was unreal.
    Muscle Hardness/Density 7/10 feeling pretty solid
    Body Composition and Look 8/10 feel like I am looking leaner
    Appetite 6/10 it has been down pretty much except for some cocoa almond snacking mmm

    The sleep and recovery on this are amazing. I am glad I ordered a bottle to make this an 8 weeker.
    Overall Sense of Feeling
  8. bowskie69

    bowskie69: Applied Nutriceuticals HGHup

    Quote Originally Posted by bowskie69 View Post
    Sleep - Time and Quality: Odd sleep patterns, but I'm waking up feeling well-rested even with less hours. I am averaging 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night now.

    Mental Alertness/Focus: I am more alert than usual, but the focus is not what I am used to. I am aware of everything, but it's almost like my mind is a lil' cloudy at the same time.

    Energy:Excellent I have plenty of it;clean and sustained.

    Motivation: Honestly, I lie in bed at night thinking of what my next routine will be like

    Mood/Aggression: Much more positive. I still have that aggression, but I harness it for use at the gym instead of blowing up on everyone I see.

    Stress: Pssh!! I let ISH slide.

    Libido: Harder erections and increased desire to get it on!

    Joints: Still poppin' in the knees and elbows.

    Endurance: Slightly better, I can perform my target number of reps without having to take a break to re-gain my strength and catch my breath.

    Strength: Steadily increasing.

    Quality of Training: Top notch. I don't really have "bad" days or "off" days that are even really all that bad.

    Pump and Vascularity: Hard fawkin' pumps man! Nothing like I have ever experienced. Pumps come on quick and honestly feel as hard as rock!!

    Muscle Hardness/Density: I already feel more full and solid.

    Body Composition and Look: Same as start but more shapely with a lil' less bodyfat.

    Appetite: WTF is in this! I can't stop eating. I normally eat every 2 hours, and sometimes that is difficult (as far as being hungry). Now, I'm eating larger portions every 1 1/2 hours! I love it.

    Overall Sense of Feeling:Confident and Accomplished....and sexy as hell
  9. Derok

    Derok: Getting my HGHup by Derock

    Quote Originally Posted by Derock View Post
    Yesterday I did arms and shoulders. I did incline curls followed by kickbacks followed by laterals for 10x10 total. As my arms fatigued I switched to standing curls and decline extensions all with 20lb dumbbells at home. My arms got pretty pumped. I then finished off with a slow chinup, high rep incline close grip pushups till failure, and high rep band laterals for medial/rear delts.

    Overall I felt it was a pretty good workout. I didn't take any caffeine and was pretty focused and intense.

    Sleep - My sleep has been pretty solid. I usually wake up once after about 7 hours of sleep to go to the bathroom. I tend to want to lay in bed meaning I don't get up until about 9-10 hours after I went to bed. I wish I had more get up and go in the morning, but I feel rested during the day.

    Mental Alertness/Focus - Very good without caffine

    Energy - Not as great as I'd like, but not lacking

    Motivation - very good for not taking much caffeine

    Mood/Aggression - a bit higher than usual

    Stress - low

    Libido - seems a little higher than usual

    Joints- no problems

    Endurance - very solid yesterday

    Strength - n/a

    Quality of Training - great. I'm getting better workouts with less stims

    Pump and Vascularity - extremely pumped yesterday, but the pump started to die after about my 7th set

    Muscle Hardness/Density - normal

    Body Composition and Look - Looking good. I think my upper chest is filling out more and my arms are looking bigger. I'll have to find my tape measure soon to give exact measurements

    Appetite - stronger than usual
  10. tatteredsaint

    tatteredsaint: moving up in the world with hghup

    Quote Originally Posted by tatteredsaint View Post
    today I went in really early so I could get my workout in I was working with a time limit so I went in n hit it like a caveman short rest n high intensity my freakin arms felt like they were going to explode by the time I got done n we measured my biceps pumped I was like 2cm from 18inches I've been trying to hit that mark forever...

    Sleep - Time and Quality- was solid I was exhasted yesterday
    Mental Alertness/Focus-it was there once I got moving I was in the gym early in the a.m.today
    Energy- energy was excellent
    Motivation- I'm always motivated
    Mood/Aggression- I about kicked some dudes ass in the parking lot of my gym this morning after he cut me off n was mean muggin me til I got out of the car lol
    Stress- not too bad today
    Libido- up a lil bit
    Joints- feel fine
    Endurance- excellent I was on short rests n still killed it
    Strength- was pretty good no higher but it stayed with me longer
    Quality of Training - great felt like a monster
    Pump and Vascularity-my arms were freakin jacked today
    Muscle Hardness/Density- I looked pretty diesel about halfway through my workout one of my friends came in n said "damn dude your arms look f*ckin huge" that felt good
    Body Composition and Look- I think I'm starting to lean out a lil bit I'm down a couple lbs but strength n muscle measurements are still holding
    Appetite- off the charts I'm hungry within 20 mins of eating
    Overall Sense of Feeling - feel pretty good except I think I'm half sick
  11. MBSowards

    MBSowards: MBS asks, "What's HGHGHGHGHGHG HGHup doc?" (Applied Nutriceuticals)

    Quote Originally Posted by MBSowards View Post
    Sleep - Time and Quality - Very restful the past two nights. More than the norm. Also worth noting I usually take a sleep aid at night and have stopped taking them for this log. I actually have been taking something to help me sleep so long I've forgot about mentioning it when asked what I'm taking. Usually Reduction PM or ZMA.
    Mental Alertness/Focus More solid than usual. This is important because focus and mental alertness are two key aspects of the work I do.
    Energy Waking up drowsy but feel pretty good as the day moves on.
    Motivation Still highly motivated.
    Mood/Aggression This is truly noticeable. I feel more alpha than normal.
    Stress Very stressed, personal life related issues.
    Libido High.
    Joints Nothing to say.
    Endurance Great endurance.
    Strength Nothing noticeable, I expect this will be a week 2-3 thing if I notice much.
    Quality of Training Great sessions lately, woke up incredibly sore today after an awesome workout yesterday.
    Pump and Vascularity Very noticeable.
    Muscle Hardness/Density Very noticeable.
    Body Composition and Look Feel like I'm dropping bf%
    Appetite Insane.
    Overall Sense of Feeling Feeling good.
  12. BiggJohn

    BiggJohn: Boosting GH and Test with HGHup log by BiggJohn

    Quote Originally Posted by BiggJohn View Post
    1st week in review

    Sleep - Time and Quality - Sleep quality seems to be improved. Very little waking up in the middle of the night. I'm not necessarily sleeping longer, but if I wake up early in the morning having to pee, I'm able to get back to sleep.

    Mental Alertness/Focus - Can't really say I've noticed any significant change.

    Energy - Energy has been poor as of late. I've been trying to nap a bit more than usual to make up for a lack of energy.

    Motivation - Not feeling any improvement in motivation at this point.

    Mood/Aggression - Not feeling more aggressive in any way. No real change in mood. I'm usually a pretty happy person anyway.

    Stress - I'm not really under much stress so I wouldn't necessarily expect an improvement with it.

    Libido - Not noticing any significant change to libido at this point.

    Joints - Joints continue to feel like crap although my RC felt better today. Stay tuned on this one.

    Endurance - As I mentioned previously I don't typical do endurance type workouts, so I wouldn't expect to notice much with regards to endurance.

    Strength - Possibly felt a little stronger doing shoulders today but this might have been because I've shifted my HGHup dosing to the mornings, allowing improved carb timing before my workouts. Stay tuned on this one.

    Quality of Training - Don't feel any significant change has occurred.

    Pump and Vascularity - No improvement at this point. When taking a NO type supplement in the past, I've gotten pretty pumped biceps during a back workout. This wasn't the case in my latest back workout on HGHup.

    Muscle Hardness/Density - I'm only 1 week in an wouldn't expect anything at this point.

    Body Composition and Look - See above.

    Appetite - No real significant change at this point.

    Overall Sense of Feeling- See above.
  13. RyKane

    RyKane: RyKane has more HGHup than Billy Hoyle log

    Quote Originally Posted by RyKane View Post
    Ok, so this is the second week to where I can see any progress. I took Vitruvians advice and really tried to push it this week and I can say my weight lifted and reps went up across the board. I think the third week will be the sweet spot.

    Sleep - Time and Quality - Very similar to melatonin, I have to be a bit careful of when I take my dose just incase the lady wants to stay up a bit later :-).
    Mental Alertness/Focus - I still have not noticed being anymore alert or focused in the gym than normal.
    Energy - Energy has continued to be stable.
    Motivation - N/A
    Mood/Aggression - Irritable, probably my job.
    Stress - Some of you know I am a social worker and this time of year is really stressful. With the economy it has been doubly so. I can't begin to tell you the number of people I have seen in my office this year and the number of cases I have done extensive investigative work into, this won't change throughout my log.
    Libido - Normal
    Joints - Normal
    Endurance - Normal.
    Strength - Not bad so far, everything went up across the board in terms of weight lifted and reps, keep in mind this is on a calorie deficit!
    Quality of Training - Working as hard as possible in the gym.
    Pump and Vascularity - Pump was not as noticable this workout period.
    Muscle Hardness/Density - Muscles have been firm, reminds me of the muscle fullness you get while on blue gene.
    Body Composition and Look - N/A
    Appetite - Appetite has been normal.
    Overall Sense of Feeling - Stressed.
  14. jwbeeler

    jwbeeler: HGHup♂ + The One + NeoVar + BioMend Supplement Log

    Quote Originally Posted by jwbeeler View Post
    Day 3

    Bodyweight 250.5 (+3 lbs)

    Training - Quads/Calves

    * Sleep - Time and Quality - Slept 8 hours...It was a good night's sleep.
    * Mental Alertness/Focus - I feel good even before my morning coffee.
    * Energy - Good, no real change.
    * Motivation - I'm already looking forward to hitting the gym.
    * Mood/Aggression - Good mood, not really "aggressive" per se, but had a good workout.
    * Stress - It's Saturday, is there such a thing on a Saturday?
    * Libido - Once again, quite high.
    * Joints - Feel great.
    * Endurance - Good, cardio went well, even after quads.
    * Strength - very good. I felt better than I've felt training legs since my injury.
    * Quality of Training - Very good.
    * Pump and Vascularity - I got a great quad pump, even enough to go to a room to do a bit of posing. I can see all four heads and they looked pretty hard.
    * Body Composition and Look - I look leaner and bigger. A great combination.
    * Appetite - ready to eat this morning...need to wait due to taking supps.
    * Overall Sense of Feeling - Feels good man...
  15. andrew372

    andrew372: Andrew732's HGHup Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    DAY 16&17

    Had an off day yesterday
    Today I had a great night of rest waking up very refreshed, muscles felt great, so did the legs(loving this aspect). I had insane aggression today along with serious motivation, coordination CONTINUES to improve, strength is up for sure, skin is still somewhat oily, had a pimple show up on forehead as of last morning. Motivation is up for sure as well sense of being. I am loving this supp thus far, will purchase more sure.

    Cals for today about 5000

    Sleep - Time and Quality 12/10
    Mental Alertness/Focus 10/10
    Energy 10/10
    Motivation 10/10
    Mood/Aggression 10/10
    Stress 10/10
    Libido 9/10
    Joints 10/10
    Endurance 10/10
    Strength 9.5/10 still rising
    Quality of Training 11/10
    Pump and Vascularity 11/10( GREAT PUMPS TODAY)
    Muscle Hardness/Density 9.5/10
    Body Composition and Look 10/10(look outstanding with some serious definition)
    Appetite 7/10
    Overall Sense of Feeling 11/10

    Sides: include some serious OCD, oily skin, aggression, SUPER alpha male mentality
  16. pmiller383

    pmiller383: Pmiller's HGHup♂ Sponsored Log

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Sled Dragging
    tire+45x 3/4 mile
    band resisted pushdowns
    really lights bands x50
    1/2 mile
    Reverse Pec Dec
    Fat Grip Curls
    Neck Raises
    25x50 35x50
    Band Face Pulls
    Foam Rolling and stretching, then walked another 1/2 mile.

    HGHup Effects
    Sleep - Time and Quality - 7.5 hours, woke up very out of it but it was a good night sleep.
    Mental Alertness/Focus - OK
    Energy - Average
    Motivation - Really high
    Mood/Aggression - Relaxed, no aggression
    Stress - none
    Libido - slightly elevated
    Joints - Felt good
    Endurance - Normal
    Strength - NA
    Quality of Training - Above Average
    Pump and Vascularity - Good upper back pump tonight
    Muscle Hardness/Density - Extremely good considering lack of carbs atm.
    Body Composition and Look - Leaning out noticeably
    Appetite - Normal
    Overall Sense of Feeling - Pretty Good

    Well today I wanted to check to see how much weight I had to lose in the next couple days for my competition this weekend and when I stepped on the scale I was only 223 which is only three pounds over the weight limit. Now normally a five pound drop in weight over the course of a couple weeks would have a good impact on my energy levels but I haven't noticed anything like that with the HGHup. I have also noticed a couple pretty cool things since starting the HGHup, first I noticed that my skin tone seems slightly darker and hasn't been dry. The other thing I noticed is that cuts seem like they are healing a couple days quicker than normal. I got a good size cut down my arm from my cat about four days ago and today its barely visible.
  17. AConrad00

    AConrad00: AConrad00 and Applied Nutriceuticals HGHup - time to sleep grow and shred!

    Quote Originally Posted by AConrad00 View Post
    AConrad00's Week 1 review of HGHup

    Week 1 Notables:

    Deeper sleep
    increased vascularity
    slightly increased LBM
    slightly decreased fat

    So I'm one week deep into HGHup and there its been enough to give me a pretty good idea about this stuff. I was pretty skeptical coming in, and did not know how much of a difference this product would make to a person who already has decent genes (assuming my test/gh levels are already pretty healthy).

    I am convinced, after one week, that HGHup is the real deal, and i'm pretty excited to see what it can do for me over the next 3 weeks. My sleep is deeper, I feel refreshed when I wake up, and I do not experience groggyness. My vascularity has been increased all week, and its cold as heck outside! I've noticed my vascularity to be elevated for hours after my workout, which is very nice and helps me stay motivated. I am not 100% positive, because weight fluctuates... but I look leaner and feel fuller then when I started. I also weighed in today (day 9) at 202.6lbs, which is almost 2lbs heavier then when i started. I weighed in today while feeling pretty 'dry,' meaning I do not feel like I am holding much water weight, and also by the looks of this mornings picture i took, I look a lot leaner/dryer as well. One last notable is that I was sick for a day and half and wasnt eating much, so for me to be up in weight is pretty cool

    A summary of what i've been doing:

    During the first week I have been religious in dosing 3 capsules in the morning, immediately upon rising, and eating my morning meal 30-40 minutes later. I have been taking my nighttime dose 30 minutes before bed, and restricted carbs in my nighttime meal, which was advised to me by both kincaid and dirk. My diet is high protein, medium carbs, and low fat, and you can see my diet in my daily updates. Workouts have been high intensity circuit training sessions to burn as many calories as possible, and to help raise my resting metabolic rate.

    Overall, a solid start. I was not expecting much in the first week, to be honest. But this looks to be pretty solid and i'm excited to see where the next 3 weeks go.
  18. RxAJ

    RxAJ: HGHup - The story told week by week

    Quote Originally Posted by RxAJ View Post
    Week One

    Rough at first actually. I'm taking 5 caps a day, with 3 of them being right before I lay down. For the first couple nights I woke up frequently throughout the night, something I don't normally do, but had no trouble falling back asleep. For those few days I woke up feeling like I just had an average night's sleep. I stuck it out though, and the past 3 nights I've had no issues with waking up and have been sleeping very deeply, waking up feeling great.

    Mental Alertness/Focus
    Only just starting to notice a slight improvement here over the past two days. I had to get a big homework assignment done today and was able to stay nicely focused for the full four hours....minus my break to eat

    Slightly lower then usual the first few days with the rough night's sleep. But since that has subsided now I'm back to feeling like my usual self during the day. I wouldn't say I have an increased level of energy right now though. I'm a fairly calm person to begin with and have my moments of excitement here and there, so I don't expect any significant changes here really. We'll see though

    When it comes to lifting, always high. No change there.

    Lots of aggression during today's workout for sure. Outside of the gym I'd say I've been in a pretty good mood the last week, but it's not as if I should be in a bad mood either.

    I have my fair amount of stress with school and work keeping me busy. I did feel like I dealt with the tasks at hand better today then usual. I'll keep an eye on how I feel at work here.

    Definitely up a bit lately

    No pre-existing issues and nothing new

    Definitely feel like it was up for today's workout. Maybe just a good day, but I'm off all stims right now since it's been recommended to cut out the caffeine, PEA, and excess Vitamin B alongside HGHup and my favorite pre-workout has all three , so maybe there's more to it then it just being a good day to have the kind of endurance I did.

    Normal increases over the past week. I'm hoping for a lot in this department so I'm pushing it as hard as I can to make that happen. Looking forward to some results here!

    Quality of Training
    Not as good as I would have liked for the first few sessions on this due to me pulling out the stims (I'm a bit of junkie). Again, great (!!!) workout today though....hoping that sticks around.

    Pump and Vascularity
    No change here really

    Muscle Hardness/Density
    This one is definitely there. Muscles are hard all day long and I wake up hard (interpret as you will )

    Body Composition and Look
    Been checking my reflection twice the past couple days. Muscle's seem fuller for sure and I look slightly leaner....I like it

    Increased and welcomed! Wasn't expecting anything here but I'm definitely hungry more often and can eat more at a single sitting.

    Overall Sense of Feeling
    Feeling good and looking forward to the next seven weeks!
  19. 94Sip

    94Sip: More bulking with Appnut - HGHUp and Drive

    Quote Originally Posted by 94Sip View Post
    Dosing: 3 upon waking 2 30mins prior to workout at 5pm

    As I said I am following the Texas method and today was intensity day.
    low bar back Squats: 1x5 @ 210
    Bench: 1x5 @ 210
    DL: 1x5 @ 230

    The bench and DL is a great PR for me and I could easily have done 1x5 @250 for DL. As well for the bench I have never done 210 naturally and I easily got this 5RM. For squats I should note that I go below parallel as Rippetoe outlines in Starting Strength.

    Standard comments:
    Mood: very noticeable uptick after morning doses.
    Libido: strong all day
    Energy: good all day energy, no slowdown late in the day
    Sleep: I fall asleep immediately and do not move. But this is not dosing at night.

    Other effects:
    I have noticed that I have to dial down my coffee intake in the mornings. Otherwise I am also feeling as though I am on amphetamines. Really wired kind of feeling.
  20. nosnmiveins

    nosnmiveins: ~~HHHHGHHHHup♂!! Nosnmiveins' App Nut Sponsored Log~~

    Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    DAY 21: Arms

    Sleep - Time and Quality: still the best part of this supplement, even though i do feel its effects have started to diminish
    Mental Alertness/Focus : not much to note
    Energy: been really good today
    Motivation: huge today, was really ready to get in the gym
    Mood/Aggression: been good today, very calm day
    Libido: still going strong
    Joints: everything was A-OK, which is suprising when i do arms
    Endurance: still pretty good
    Strength: leveled off some, been tweaking diet lately
    Quality of Training: really good arm day, got a lot done
    Pump and Vascularity: my arms felt like they were the size of my legs
    Muscle Hardness/Density: really good today
    Body Composition: leaner and meaner
    Appetite: extremely hungery, only allowed 300 carbs today
    Overall Sense of Feeling: good day overall
  21. Vipersg123

    Vipersg123: Winning The Title - HGH up Sponsored log - A Competitive Strongman's Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Vipersg123 View Post
    So its 1 week before the contest. Today was my final day of any real heavy work. I was working on axle cleans today to sort of familiarize myself for the axle clean and press and it was pretty easy. The rest of the week is going to be full of assistance work and cardio.

    Sleep - Time and Quality 7 (Sleep is fine... i gave it a 7 because its not as good was it was say 1-2 weeks into the product)

    Mental Alertness/Focus NA (not really noticing anything here)

    Energy 8 Energy levels are good and consistent and I feel great in the gym like I can keep going for a while.

    Motivation 10 very motivated this week and feeling confident I am going to do great.

    Mood/Aggression NA

    Stress NA

    Libido 6 (some reason past few days libido is way down)

    Joints NA

    Endurance 9 again feel like I can keep working out for a long time.

    Strength 10 this is the best part of HGHup for me. I am consistently getting stronger by the weeks.

    Quality of Training 9 getting very good quality workouts in

    Pump and Vascularity 8 huge pumps whenever i go above 6 reps

    Muscle Hardness/Density 8 deffinately feeling solid
    Body Composition and Look 8 (same as above)

    Appetite 8 (consistent appetite lately and thats going to be important this week so I can maintain weight for contest)

    Overall Sense of Feeling 9 I feel great, progressing as well as I wanted to for this comp.
  22. tattoopierced1

    tattoopierced1: Tat's gettin HiGHUP (AppNut Sponsered Log)

    Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    Sleep: good, dont see it getting any better than what it is right now, it has been consistently good the past few days.
    Mental Alertness/Focus: same
    Energy: same
    Motivation: increased due to increased aggression
    Mood/Aggression: very high
    Stress: same
    Libido: same
    Joints: slightly better than normal
    Endurance: same
    Strength: staying around the same, but this is a good thing while on a cut/recomp...numbers for certain lifts have gone slightly up, but are overall the same
    Quality of Training: very good
    Pump and Vascularity: slightly increased, veins are starting to come out in my shoulder/chest area during yesterdays workout
    Muscle Hardness/Density: muscles feel fuller throughout the day
    Body Composition and Look: stomach and sides are really starting to lean up
    Appetite: high
    Overall Sense of Feeling: good
  23. Tomahawk88

    Tomahawk88: Tomahawk's HGHup sponsored log

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Day 12

    Sleep - Time and Quality Sleep last night sucked but got some quality naps in during the day to make up for it 8/10
    Mental Alertness/Focus 8/10
    Energy 6/10
    Motivation 8/10
    Mood/Aggression 8/10
    Stress 9/10
    Libido 9/10
    Joints 8/10
    Endurance 8/10
    Strength 8/10
    Quality of Training 8/10
    Pump and Vascularity 8/10
    Muscle Hardness/Density 9/10
    Body Composition and Look 9/10
    Appetite 7/10
    Overall Sense of Feeling 8/10
  24. BiggJohn

    BiggJohn: Boosting GH and Test with HGHup log by BiggJohn

    Quote Originally Posted by BiggJohn View Post
    Day 16


    Sleep - Time and Quality - As before, quality of sleep is good but length is a bit shorter than I would like. Did get a quality nap in today.

    Mental Alertness/Focus - No real change.

    Energy - Just average.

    Motivation - Seems like I'm more motivated at times, but I'm been putting some important things off lately.

    Mood/Aggression - No change here.

    Stress - Little stress in my life to deal with at this time.

    Libido - Seemed higher earlier in the week but noticing out of the norm right now.

    Joints - Elbow continues to be an issue. Knees were OK today during squats.

    Endurance - No endurance training

    Strength - Strength seems to be a bit of on again off again. Nothing extremely noticeable as of late.

    Quality of Training - Possible a bit better than normal. Get a extra set or two during my time in the gym.

    Pump and Vascularity - Got a very decent pump during my arms workout yesterday.

    Muscle Hardness/Density - Probably the second most notiecable attribute next to appetite. Muscles feel fairly full and hard.

    Body Composition and Look - I don't believe I've gained much if any fat in the course of gaining 5lbs. My girlfriend mentioned that my face looks a bit leaner.

    Appetite - As of today, this is probably the most noticeable attribute of HGHup. After the mid-day dose hunger really seems to pick up. I ate a pretty good sized meal at 3:30PM-3:40PM and am hungry again at 5PM.
  25. bowskie69

    bowskie69: Applied Nutriceuticals HGHup

    Quote Originally Posted by bowskie69 View Post
    Sleep - Time and Quality:Much better since I've altered my dosing scheme. I now take it immediately before bed with some melatonin and I sleep like a rock. My dreams are vivid and I am sleeping longer and deeper. I now wake up most every morning feeling well-rested and refreshed.

    Mental Alertness/Focus: Moderate, I have no trouble focusing on the task at hand.

    Energy:Solid; smooth and steady.

    Motivation: I want to live at the gym! Unfortunately, my CNS is a lil' fried from over-training so I'm taking the next couple days to recover a lil' better.

    Mood/Aggression: I'm mostly positive. I don't even get as irritated with dumb s**t as I normally do.

    Stress: No stress.

    Libido: Same

    Joints: Same, left knee has been bothering me more than usual.

    Endurance: Increasing

    Strength: On a steady incline.

    Quality of Training: Continually improving.

    Pump and Vascularity: Pumps are rock hard and last up to an hour after my routine. Vascularity is slowly increasing as well.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Very hard/dense at this point, I seem to have lost some size though.

    Body Composition and Look: My shoulders are taking on a more round shape and I can see more detail in my chest.

    Appetite: Spot-on (where I want it to be anyway). I'm averaging 5-6 meals a day, and I keep a scoop of W(wheat)PI next to my bed so I can slam it when I wake up in the middle of the night.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Accomplished. After tinkering with my dosing schedule a bit, I believe I've found my sweet spot.


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