Review of 3 Weeks with IGF-2 :D

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    Review of 3 Weeks with IGF-2 :D

    3 Weeks of IGF-2: The Final Review

    Link to the log (with pictures, tunes and much more banter!)

    Why I chose this product:

    IGF-2 is herbal, anabolic product designed to optimise increase output of two the most potent anabolic hormones: Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

    It claims to (taken from Applied

    • Maximized muscle hardness and fullness

    • Increased strength and endurance

    • Accelerated recovery time

    • Enhanced libido and virility

    I decided to use IGF-2 for the final stages of my cut to help me maintain my strength, muscle mass and even help with fat loss through optimising hormone production.

    I decided to use IGF-2 in isolation to really determine how effective is was at meeting the claims on the label.

    Dosing the Product

    I'll be honest there are a decent amount of pills to swallow and the heavier you are, the more you'll need to choke down. For me, it was 8 per day (150-250lbs), dosed in a 3/3/2 fashion.

    I struggled initially to get the dosing protocol right, to maiximise it's effects the product must be taken on an empty stomach (especially important prior to bed). For those of you who like to knock back a shake just before hitting the sack, it might be a problem, but it wasn't an issue for me.

    Sleep and Recovery

    One of the main draws of this product and any other growth hormone enhancer is the improvements in sleep and recovery it delivers.

    IGF-2, simply put, is THE best product I have ever used with regards to recovery. If you buy this product for one reason alone THIS IS IT.

    I had 0 DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) from day 3, that only resurfaced briefly when I started to dabble with overtraining. If you take the time to read through the log, you'll see that my training volume was VERY HIGH in terms of resistance training, multiple cardio sessions (HIIT and LISS), all whilst in a calorie deficit.


    IGF-2 initially spiked my aggression (in the first week of use), I certainly had more drive and intensity but this did mellow out after the second week.


    My libido skyrocketed after a couple of days of use and remained that way throughout the 3 weeks. Sexual performance was definitely enhanced, normally when cutting my libido drops like a stone so this improvement was immediately noticeable.

    Strength and Endurance

    My strength in the gym has consistently increased throughout the 3 weeks of use. Here are just a few figures from week 1 to 3 (all figures in kg)

    Week 1 ----> Week 3
    Squat (GVT 80 85
    Deadlift (GVT) 110 115
    T-Bar Row 85 90
    Stiff Leg Deadlift 100 105
    Incline DB Bench 26 (DB) 30 (DB)

    This is just a small selection, have a browse through the log if you want to see a bit more detail. For 3 weeks of use, 5kg increases on nearly everything I lifted was impressive.

    Endurance-wise, I managed to bang out more reps consistently every session. There was definitely an improvement in my ability to complete the sessions, perform multiple exercises and supersets and even throw in cardio at the end! When all I wanted to do usually was collapse!

    Muscle Hardness and Fullness

    This was one aspect that didn't really improve for me very much, I never felt really 'full' or 'pumped' until the last few days of the cycle. Applied Nutriceuticals recommends that the product be taken for 8-10 weeks and cycled off, so perhaps 3 weeks isn't long enough for this effect to have started.

    Body Composition

    Here's my measurements from Day 1 to Day 21 of the cycle (all measurements in inches)

    Day 1 -------> Day 21 Difference

    Chest (measured at nipple level): 40.0 40.5 (+0.5")
    Waist (measured at Navel): 32.5 32.0 (-0.5")
    Right Mid Upper Arm Circumference: 12.0 12.0 (n/c)
    Right Upper Leg Circumference: 22.0 22.5 (+0.5")
    Right Calf Circumference: 16.0 16.3 (+0.3")

    As you can see there was some serious recomping going on! I'm definitely leaner now than I was 3 weeks ago and lost no size in any of the 'beach muscle' areas (arms, chest etc.).

    Check out the before and after pictures and make your own judgement

    (white boxers are before, dark grey are after )

    Overall Thoughts

    IGF-2 has been a great supplement to use, for strength, libido and recovery. I've used numerous testosterone boosters in the past and have real trouble sleeping from time to time, so I know what I was experiencing wasn't a 'placebo' effect.

    I think it would be a great product on a cut or a bulk, for maintaining strength and improving your recovery from session to session. It's flexibility as a supplement means that'll be using this as a staple as soon as my budget allows, that's how impressed I've been.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Applied Nutriceuticals' representative, Rosie (Guejsn), who has continued to provide unrivalled support and advice throughout my log.

    Cheers to all the lads who've tagged along and posted in the log, you're all legends, a lifetime of reps coming your way
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    Aplogies for the random order of the pictures, I couldn't seem to get them to upload in any logical order!

  3. Made comments in your log re review. But thanks for the awesome log and review done, Rick
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