***FEEDBACK on The ONE***

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  1. Exclamation ***FEEDBACK on The ONE***

    This thread is for anyone who wants to post feedback on their experience with The ONE.

    Extracts from logs currently running will also be posted so that you can have an idea of what the loggers' results are.

  2. BoneDaddy

    BoneDaddy: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...s-one-log.html.

    Quote Originally Posted by BoneDaddy View Post
    Day 1: … I took my 3 pill dose as soon as I got to work. Within the hour I could feel it. My mood just changed into something almost euphoric. It was great, but hard to put into words. I wanted to own the world, and felt I could. I was ready to chop a mountain in half. Another hour or so later I got warm....really warm on the inside. Like I had an oven on inside of me. It wasn't unpleasant and I didnt break into sweats or anything, but it's like my metabolism cranked up. I enjoyed it actually.

    Day 1 Workout: Wow. This $hit works on the 1st dose in the gym, TOO! I went heavier than usual per my mood AND I was able to add 2 reps to the majority of my sets. When I hit my mark on the sets, I just wanted to keep going, so since I felt I could...I did. The mood stayed with me well after my workout as well. I think it annoyed my girl somewhat because I was the happiest bastard ever and she wasn't. lol The pumps I got were crazy. I was hard, harder than usual. I'm sure some are going to chalk it up to placebo effect, but trust me....it wasn't. I weighed in @ 228 before my workout.

    I slept somewhat restless. I'd sleep a few hours, toss and turn for a few minutes, repeat. I woke up feeling ok. i was afraid of being tired from waking up a time or 2, but nope...all was good. Day 1 was freaking unreal for a 1st dose. Is this what crack is like?!

    Day 2 Workout: Sweet Jesus....this stuff is bad @ss. The weights I used tonight from last week is WAY up. On the high lat pulldowns I tossed another 45lb plate on top of what I finished with last week. I'm reading this as I'm typing and I can't wait for other people to get this and start logging so you guys will know I'm not full of $hit. This stuff is phenomanal so far. The appetite thing came up while i was working out and I forgot my protein shake. I really could have used it during my workout as my body was screaming for some food. My grocery bill is about to double I think. The pumps tonight were crazier than last nights. This is making the gym fun again, no doubt.

    One thing I forgot to mention frm last nights workout was my cardio session. I had my heart rate up to 155-160 and didn't even realize it. I usually get a lil' winded in that range but last night I felt like I could have ran home and back. My cardiac output last night was effortless. No one mentioned that lil' goodie to me. I can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow.

    Day 3: …The weights just keep going up and my strength is way above anything I expected from the 1st few days. I'm tossing up stuff I havent in quite some time. The pumps were super crazy today. I was expecting my skin to rip open a few times. My stamina seemed to be waning on me at approx 3/4 through my workout. I hit a wall shortly after. May have been that bellyfull of food I'm carrying around...I'm digging the workouts like never before though!!

    I weighed in @ 234(+4) today. Wow...


    Despite not feeling motivated, the weights went up, up, and wow! It was leg day and I was pressing stuff I normally don't. I half expected to not be able to walk today, especially stairs. Despite being a tad sore, I'm feeling great today. I'm 100% convinced that if I wasn't taking TO, I'd be 1 whiney lil' bitch today! The recovery time is awesome with this stuff. The workouts just keep getting better and better. I'm itching to jump to 4 caps!!

    The strength gains are awesome and still going up. The pumps I'm getting are almost uncomfortable! lol I'm also starting to experience back pumps, which have been going on for the past 2 days. I've also noticed that for the past few workouts, I'm pooping out about halfway through my workout. I feel like I'm hitting a wall, or my energy just goes, or something…

    The libido is definitely up. I'm getting random semis here and there. I feel like I'm 14 again in that regard. Could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective! lol

    Day 8 Weight= 235 (+7)

    The weights just keep going up. I broke through a sticking point I've been @ for over a year now. I'm absolutely loving this stuff. The pumps are crazy stoopid and the stamina is getting better as well. I did cardio afterwards and my cardiac output is impressing me more and more.

  3. AConrad00

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    Quote Originally Posted by AConrad00 View Post
    "THE ONE" - day 7 Diet - high Carb Day


    Keeping my calories a little bit below maintenence, as i'm using this as a cutting compound. Even tho my calories are low, i am still up 3 lbs in the first 6 days


    Muscle Hardness:
    Definitely feel hard and look big. Mucles feel full and swole.


    I'm dosing two capsules preworkout for the most part and i felt huge strength in my legs and back days. It is still early but so far, solid strength, especially with high cardio and at a caloric defecit.


    Quality of Training:
    very high. It may be the "placebo" affect the first few days, but i get into the gym with a serious disposition, ready to kill it! I'm always pumped for the gym tho, i dont play no games, son!

    Fine. Feeling normal, 100%

    I dont know if i'm just tired (heh ) or what, but there has been a definite effect on my libido, especially tonight. I mean, sh1t got real, and i made it happen, but not like normal. We'll see how this developes in the next couple of days.


    Overall Sense of Feeling: (to include mention of any shut-down or sides)s)
    Feeling good. I'm surprised with the weight. I dont know how to comment on it since i'm eating at defecit, AND adding in cardio. haha i'm stumped! A touch of blemish on my face which isnt too normal. And a tiny negative affect on my libido, which i already mentioned.


    "THE ONE" - day 7 Diet - high Carb Day


    Notes: Looked insanely huge today. Pumped and vascular! Definitely noticeable difference in my appearance and my strength. ive never curl more than 125lbs before, and i curled 145 twice with good form. The 145x6 skullcrushers was insane and i couldnt believe how i powered through it!

    week 1 has been good to me
  4. CraigMatthew

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigMatthew View Post
    EAT! I went 3-3.5hours without eating on this and really felt quite light headed. This stuff really seems to require/utilize food. So keep the calories coming in when using this. Never had this with any other 'anabolic' before..this was more than noticeable today. now that I have eaten though I feel terrific again.


    Libido, going up nicely now. Taking 3 first thing AM, seems to have a really strong effect on libido compared to spreading it out. The alpha male mentality also seems amplified which is correlate to libido as well.

    Enjoying this aspect.

  5. russianstar

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    Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    DAY 6, THE ONE


    Still feeling great on this, i think it could render other steroid obsolete, if my blood results after the cycle come back good, and i continue to progress now, i dont think il use another oral again.
    I just feel so good, and so strong, i think happy is the best way to describe this. I dont get irritated, i have aggresion but it is easy to channel, and its so easy to get in the zone for training.



    That was it really, i must say i could of stayed in the gym and trained some more, i love the energy i seem to have at the moment, and the drive.
    Another thing to note is the huge pump that i got from this session, and it seems to have lasted a few hours now, and today is the first day i have felt an increase in appetite of note, so thats good news for growth, and bad news for my wallet.

    Vascularity is much the same, but strength was good today, im hoping to get 180 kg next week on the bench, wich il be more than happy with, what has suprised me so far is how fast this changes the way your body looks, photos at the end of the cycle will reveal the changes, but i can see a difference already, especialy my waist and butt, it just seems to stripp fat, my body temprature is much the same, b ut the androgenic properties seem to be great for fat loss, so im not complaining.
    I will weigh myself tommorow, and then we will be able to see if i have any more of a weight gain, should be good news i think, i feel bigger.

    Take care .Russian


    So far it has the mood enhancing effect of dianabol, the dry gains of epi, but the mass gains of superdrol, the clean feeling of anavar, it is wierd it feels mild, but very strong at the same time...I think i could add an extra days training in each week, as recovery is very fast, no doms from yesterday, in fact i feel i could do the routine again, just as heavy, just as much volume.
    Like i said before it seems to change the physique like trenbolone, i really can see this replacing all other orals, this could set the new standard for oral steroids, thats what i see happening in the future, THE ONE will be the bench mark, for dry lean gains, for body recomp, for mass gains, and for strength etc.


    DAY 7, THE ONE


    Everything is still going well, gained over 1.5lb in the last 2 days, all at the same time that im leaning out, how good is that, i really cant wait until my workout tommorow, shoulders and back, thats how stoked i am at the moment. If i could go back in time and take this with me, i wouldnt have bothered with half the stuff i had taken in the past, im loving the mood enhancement, the improved upon libido wich was already raging, my muscles feel hard to the touch, much more so than before this cycle, im feeling more confident too. Strength seems to be improving, appetite is a little above normal, and that being said the only side ive really seen or felt is bacne, im sleeping like a baby, and since i have gone back to 3 caps a day, no sign of lethargy in the day...
  6. spres444

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    Quote Originally Posted by spres444 View Post

    Well, I have been mighty busy! But I have decided to post up my thoughts after the first week.

    Diet- My diet has been pretty good over the past week. I had a day of stuff that I felt like I was cheating myself on, but overall my calories have been between 3000-3500 calories per day, maintaining very close to the original diet I had outlined.

    Training- So far my training on TO has been spot on. I have rediculous focus inside the gym, and I never want to leave even tho I know I cant lift anymore. Sometimes I find myself in there for an hour and a half just walking around because I want to attack more weights.

    My strength has dramaticaly increased in the first week alone. Granted, this may because I am a PH virgin and I am pushing my limits, but I am putting up some numbers that I never even believed I could.

    Libido/Feeling- I have been a hornball, literally. The ****ty part is my girl goes to school about an hour away from me and I work full time, so it kind of sucks. None the less I am constantly getting random chubbys all the time. I have an overall sense of well being as well as the much sought after Alpha Male feeling. Walking around I feel like im hyoooge and that no one can do anything or say anything to make me feel any different

    Muscle Hardness/Apperance/Vascularity- Must I say, when I am at the gym and I got a pump going on it is definatly nuts. My shirts have been getting less roomy and roomy and I have gotten comments asking if I have been gaining weight, that I am slimming down, and that I look alot bigger. These are all comming from overaged women that I work with, so I took them as a compliment. (My buddies asked me how many steroids im taking, and I also took that as a compliment haha).

    Vascularity is more pronounced working out, and usually late at night (wierd). A few days ago when I was flexing because I was bored, I noticed alot of new veins comming from my shoulders running through my arms and bicep. Im waiting to cut some more BF and I am sure these will be sticking out errrywhere. My muscles feel full all the time and I am constantly walking around like someone inflated my arms chest and back. I simply love it and I dont want this cycle to end!

    Sides/Lethargy- The only problem so far I have noticed, is a few pimples on my forehead ( like 1 or 2). I usually never get any, but If I do i get a few like this maybe two or three times a month, so this may be normal. I have noticed NO other side effects. Lethargy has been pretty bad, but not when I get to the gym, more like later in the day. This has pretty much been solved by dosing two caps in the morning, and 1 cap around 2-3 PM. ( I usually workout around 4).

    Conclusion- This being my first PH, I really cant compare it to anything. The only complaing is that my shoulders are dead right now from the deads yesterday. Thats it! I am loving every second of this cycle and I am definatly going to use it again someday. I am up a solid amount of weight, and from what I can tell it is almost all lean. I am going to incorporate light cardio ( 10-15 minutes walking on an incline) for the duration of the log. I want to see if I can elminate some BF in the process because I feel like that is definatly possible
  7. tattoopierced1

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    Muscle Hardness- muscles feel of granite during workouts, slightly pumped throughout the day as well
    Vascularity- i'm pretty vascular anyways, havent noticed anymore than normal
    Strength- def. increase in strength
    Speed- N/A
    Co-ordination N/A
    Quality of Training- same as usual, pushing more weight, but i always push myself no matter what
    Mood/Aggression- slightly more aggressive
    Libido- increased during the first week, feels as it is starting to level out this week
    Joints- Feel fine, not really had much problems while using this compound
  8. ksujosh6

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksujosh6 View Post
    Day 1-7


    ...Things to highlight in the first week are as follows:
    -crazy ass libido
    -leaner looking in the mirror
    -more energy throughout the day
    -more thirsty throughout the day (not sure about this one)
    -hunger is up
    -strength in gym is up
    -recovery is through the roof


    Update on the body weight!

    Starting of log - 171 lbs

    Middle of Day 8 - 180 lbs

    Holy sh!t

  9. Rodja

    Rodja: Rodja's One Stop Journey (sponsored).

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Week 1 observations:

    1. Aggression is way, way up. There are many DHT-like properties to this compound that remind me slightly of 1T.
    2. Appetite is almost insatiable. I am having to eat slightly dirtier than expected to keep myself from eating everything in the fridge.
    3. Sleep is starting to suffer slightly, but I still wake up refreshed.
    4. Increased sweating while training.
    5. Muscle fullness is beginning to increase throughout the day and the belly is looking slightly pumped throughout the day.
    6. Vascularity is way, way up.
    7. No detrimental effects on VO2 up to this point.
    8. Weight is up slightly (2 lbs), but I look much leaner
    9. Strength is slightly up and intra-set recovery is improving.
  10. bonscott

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonscott View Post
    Day 6


    Body composition and Look: I am loving the pumps, makes me wish I was on an all out bulk! I'm liking the way I look and feel!
    Muscle Hardness: Getting harder everyday!
    Vascularity: I didn't want to jump the gun, but veins are popping out everywhere!!
    Strength: Not as much as I'd like, but my goals are to lose fat and maintain(gain) muscle, so I'm not complaining. As my look is coming along, and I'm satisfied!
    Speed: Really feeling a kick today, some sorta thermo effect, as sweating more and pace was great. Total time in gym, 70 minutes!
    Co-ordination: Good
    Quality of Training: Clicking on all cylinders today, feeling the one is really kickin into gear!!
    Mood/Aggression: A little more irritable as of late, breathe!!!


    Overall Sense of Feeling: I'm really enjoying the ride at this point, if this keeps up, I'll finally be able to see my abs!!!
  11. dedlifter1

    dedlifter1: no log.

    Quote Originally Posted by dedlifter1 View Post
    i already am a believer. im up 5lbs, but more importantly, i feel like a bull, all the time. it seems to be having more of a recomp effect on my as opposed to a bulk, but im not complaining. im verry impressed...
  12. Dirk (aka rms80)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rms80 View Post
    Got some more up:

    Day 21 Pics:

    This reiterates what I was saying about dry gains on this compound......I took these about 20 minutes ago.....

    Current weight as of March 11: 207 lbs. (up 13 lbs.)
    Strength: Way up, every lift increased
    Coordination: Way up, my ankle is still fkcd, but getting better- re-tweaked it Monday playing b'ball- still can't sprint (even 50%) or extend off it properly
    Vascularity and Hardness: See for yourself
    Bodyfat: may have dropped a point- around 4-5%- I can always tell when I am below 6 b/c the upper ridge of my belly button is sticking out, and historically this has correlated (at least for me) to being around 5
  13. CraigMatthew

    CraigMatthew: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...-only-one.html.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    The ONE [Day 7 REVIEW]


    Training has been good thus far, doing 8-12reps, goign as heavy as I possibly can. Training focus has been awesome thus far, and The One has to take some credit for this.

    Body composition and Look:
    Body is looking really full and pumped,///.

    Muscle Hardness:
    Up slightly, nothing to get overly excited about, I can say this is up slightly though, which hasn't happend to me to many times.


    This has been quite good thus far, strength has gone up nicely. Whether this is due to me thinking I'm 'on' something or just due to the product I am not sure. I am noticing though that weight I struggled with before has become MUCH easier. SO an extra 1-2 reps is now a given.

    Only played one game of rugby on this, and felt pretty damn good. I didn't mention it in my log but should have. Someone actually aksed if I had been doing speed training. Which I havn't.

    Notcied this durign the game, felt controlled and deliberate in my movements. Hard to describe on paper.

    Quality of Training:
    Awesome, the mood enhancing effects have been amazing. Just being in a good mood all the time makes training damn fun.

    Mood has been fantastic, always keen to train, always keen to push harder. Taking a rest day on this stuff is so damn hard! I jsut feel like I want to contract my muscles all the time.

    Was up majorly the first 2-3 days. seems to have stabalised somewhat although my attention can still be grabbed easily right now.

    Generally fine, havn't noticed any major drying of joints or joint pain.

    Overall Sense of Feeling:
    Great, I want to train right now but I need a rest! My CNS is wasted!

    Read above, really liking this stuff so far, strength, mood, pumps, so far it has been a good ride. Hopefully the second week continues like this. If I can get another 8-10 lbs out of this I will be happy.


    Just added the weight gain now, it is up 6.6lbs in 8 days...
  14. russianstar

    russianstar: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...ians-i-am.html.

    Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post

    Diet - general overview re total calories, water intake,

    Calories are still around the 6000 mark, all clean, ive found since my water intake has increased that my joints are now ok, and i increased my fish oil intake during the AM.
    Appetite has increased over what it was before the cycle started but its not crazy, just feels like it takes more to fill me up, and i feel hungrier more often.

    Training - specifics re time/exercises/sets/reps/recovery/weight, etc.

    This will be in my war report underneath, but i can tell you recovery and endurance are up, no doubt about it.

    Body composition and Look

    I took my top off today at the gym to show my training partner, i never ever do that normaly, but he said he was suprised how much more cut and bigger im looking, thats after just one week!!!! Still getting leaner in the face and abs, skin is clear wich is good, and my muscles are looking swoll, good nitrogen retention, but doesnt seem to be water like the glycogen retention from superdrol. I am suprised by its power so far to change how you look.

    Muscle Hardness

    Muscles feel harder to the touch, not outstandingly, but they are harder and firmer, and more defined. I have new stirations in my shoulders and chest that i didnt have earlier.


    It has improved, no huge vains, but the ones i have are bulging and popping through more readily, blood flow seems to be improved, i would like to know how much it affects blood count, my skin looks red all the time.


    It has increased, hard to say how much, but the weights im lifting feel easier than before, thats why this log should shed light on how good the strength gains are, im after big gains!!


    Sprint training is saturday, so wait and see guys and gals.


    I can feel all my movements are smoother, so that has to be a sign of improved co-ordination doesnt it? Even lifting the dumbells from the floor to my shoulders on the shoulder press seems much smoother and easier, so this is a good plus point for me.

    Quality of Training

    Training is out of this world, i was saying today, i just cant wait to hit the gym, every session is pleasure, i feel happy, in the zone, and powerfull.


    Great sense of well being, im sure it must block cortisol, thats how im feeling, always in good humor, again like i said before, the aggression is easy to control.


    Without being graphic, its still HUGE


    Now they seem to be ok, no dry feelings, and no pain or aches, its all good.

    Overall Sense of Feeling (to include mention of any shut-down or sides

    I can see my balls are slightly smaller, but i dont feel shutdown, one thing to note though... If i dose 2 caps together, i get a major crash, if i dose them through the day, i dont feel any lethargy at all. So im spacing the doses out from now on.



    So that was it, i could of stayed and trained longer, but i need to go home, write this report, and eat lasagne, and beef pie, and after training, food is the next most important thing on the menu. I can just go on and on, i feel at the moment like i cant be stopped, im gaining muscle, sleeping well, eating great, i feel healthy, how often does somone actualy feel healthy on a cycle? This is a first for me, and it wont be a last, i will run this again, as long as all continues to go well, I really appreciate everyones support, and im feeling more and more in debt to APPNUT for allowing me to run this, especialy considering how critical and sceptical i was, and for all those who voted and gave me this chance, i hope this log gives you the information you want, and i hope the final photos will give you the evidence you deserve.
    Thanks again..Russian.
  15. russianstar

    russianstar: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...ians-i-am.html

    Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    ...i wouldnt touch anything else again, i mean that, its TO or natural for me...






    I havent felt an Alpha male mentality, ive seen others speak of it, but maybe its because im not that kind of person, what i have felt is very strong and very powerfull, i feel confident with that too.


    Minor suppression is evident, but my libido is way up, i have a very strong and active libido normaly, but i am having erections 4-6 times through the day for no real reason, and even at night ive woken up 1 or 2 times with them, that seems to be the only thing that can stop me sleeping, so thats good anyway.

    I still feel that this is the strongest anabolic ive taken, remember most anabolics cause a lot of water gain, or huge amounts of glycogen retention that you loose once the cycle is over, well im gaining lbm, without either of those, just solid hard gains...
  16. cmc

    cmc: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle...o-uno-log.html

    Quote Originally Posted by cmc View Post
    ...Most impressive is the strength gains so far, vascularity, and pumps.

    The strength increases by comparison-
    Day 3
    Seated Barbell presses (behind the neck)

    Day 7
    Seated Barbell presses (behind the neck)

    Day 5
    Barbell flat bench-bar warm up, 225x8, 245x5, 245x5, 225x5

    Day 9
    Flat bench Barbell
    Bar warm up
    225x8,250x5,250x5,250x5,135x20 Last set-fast positives, slow negatives with pause, forced reps


    Day 9 vidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHWlLVVpbg8

  17. To be honest right now I am not very impressed with it. Although I am still gonna finish up the cycle and check back in later.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by nopeace View Post
    To be honest right now I am not very impressed with it. Although I am still gonna finish up the cycle and check back in later.
    What has your experience been like with it so far, then?
  19. poundit

    poundit: no log.

    Quote Originally Posted by poundit
    Monday the 16th i will start my 2nd week on The One. So far I am very pleased with it. I have gained 5 pounds in these 2 weeks but my waist size has actually gone down. I feel a bit stronger just walking around and have consistently lifted more in my gym. My appetite is through the roof which is a good thing because it has always been hard for me to eat as much as i should during training...

  20. Too early for me to tell how effective The One may be. As of right now i'm not feeling an Alpha Male(tm) feeling. Although i've never really understood what exactly that was suppose to feel like :P A little bit of lethargy along with a little bit of an increase in sex drive. I was losing strength at the time of starting The One but I haven't had a max bench(only recent max effort that could be compared) since the original one to tell if there's been an increase in strength.

    At this point i'm not overly impressed from an all out strength/size supplement to rival those of M1T/Superdrol/Havoc etc. However, if by the end of my cycle, i've even picked up a little strength and/or size it tells me it had an effect to keep my loss from cardio down and so far i have had no real side effects at all. Combining those two things and it will be a nice alternative to harsher compounds for those who want a push in the rihgt direction without worrying about things like back pumps, high bp etc

    Final opinion on The One is on hold till after my cycle ends as well as PCT. It's only been 12 or so days so far.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Guejsn View Post
    What has your experience been like with it so far, then?
    Very slight strength gains. Temporary libido increases. Increase in hardness. No weight gain. Im still gonna give it some time though.

    I'm just not impressed with it especially for 70 bucks. I could have bought mdrol/epistane and got superior gains.

  22. I think this product is great for newbs with no PH/DS experience. this product clearly comes nowhere close M1t superdrol, Hdrol or epistane. Definetly not a m5aa replacement. M1AD is gonna blow this sucker out of the water when it's released.

    I would have expected more especially after all the hype that was put into this product. "If you can't grow on this, find another hobby"- I think I'll just run M-drol for twenty bucks and grow instead.

    Even at 4 caps the results are marginal at best.

  23. I've been around AS and prohormones for a long time and as far as I've read on these reviews this supp looks great! The greatest thing is is that I haven't heard anything negative towards sides! Mostly positive things and I put my hat down to
    AN! I will give this a go ASAP! Thank you for this log!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by nopeace View Post
    Very slight strength gains. Temporary libido increases. Increase in hardness. No weight gain. Im still gonna give it some time though.

    I'm just not impressed with it especially for 70 bucks.


    I think this product is great for newbs with no PH/DS experience...Even at 4 caps the results are marginal at best.
    Thank you for your feedback, nopeace.


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