ANS Ritual Review By Auslifter

  1. ANS Ritual Review By Auslifter

    Alright, lets start off by saying wow im impressed. had some killer workouts with this product. now i will say that i feel its almost on par with craze but has a different feel to it very good focus and energy.

    Dose i used it at. now for me 1.5 scoops was the sweet spot, very clean energy, i used 2 scoops on leg day and that was even better Imo now lets get down to the review.

    Taste -

    Now i had a sample of the icy blue freeze i thought it was not bad kind of like some kind of lolly medicine taste, so il give that a 7.5/10. and i bought a tub of the candy green apple, this was far better for me, loved it nice sweet taste very enjoyable looked forward to it. tasted like one of those sugary sweet drinks you would have as a kid, very refreshing when taken with ice cold water.


    Effects -

    For effects i used it before my leg workout yesterday, and i was very empressed, since im cutting i was expecting to lose some reps in the workout maybe not be as strong, but wow i was wrong. i started on squats and did the same weights as last week (i keep a workout log, track lifts) and i got the same reps on my first set, but the focus and energy was very intense i actually didnt realise i had already completed the third set and thought it was actually the second one and thought i had lost reps, then i realised wow i just did more reps on a heavyr weight and beat last week lol. overall it helped me steam roll through the workout similar to craze. i also found myself doing an extra set lol not wanting to leave the gym!

    8.5/10 now i would give this a 9, but this is based on 1.5 scoops, not 2.
    9/10 for 2 scoops

    Endurance -

    for endurance i have to say this product shines, if you have long workouts and train 2 or more body parts like shoulders, hamstring, calves, abs or something like that you will love this. by the end of my shoulders, hams, and calves/abs workout, i still was going hard by the end when doing abs even after all i had been through still was motivated and focused pushing hard, where on other days i would have proberblly done 1-3 sets of abs and called it a day.


    Focus -

    as for focus i feel this is very good but is just not as strong as other products i have tried. but its still very good at times its there and some other times its not as strong, but overall i think it gets the job done.


    Pump -

    for pumps, i dont think this this kind of pre workout is really geared towards pumps, even though you can still get very good pumps off the agmatine in there i think that the way it gives you good workouts is enough to get you a nice pump, i will say i was shocked though, on shoulder day i had one of the best pumps ever my delts felt thick and popped nicely, compared to other pre workouts that had nitrates in them this held its own.



    Final Score - 9/10 - Amazing.

  2. Nice Aussie broski.

    Chase Southpaw to put this in the actual ANS product review category.

    Awesome man
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