How does the body naturally support anabolism (muscle growth)?

    Androgens (and estrogens) are the primary hormones supportive of muscle growth and largely determine the extent of muscular development in men.

    However, the body has a poor androgenic/anabolic response to resistance training, indicated by reduced androgen levels after initiation of training. (98) A large segment of men do not produce sufficient androgens (+750ng/dL T) to support even moderate muscle growth, or physical improvements over an 8 week period with exercise. (7,28,45-48,112-114) Age appears to have little influence on overall androgen levels, as young men (< 30 years old), have been found to have sub-optimal androgen levels (6,7,112 114), with a general trend showing declining levels over the past several decades. Insufficient production of androgens may be partially caused by exposure to environmental endocrine disruptors (EDC’s) or xeno-estrogens, which impair testicular testosterone production. (35-37) Other causes for low androgen levels may include stress, high body fat, lack of sleep, low income, poor nutrition, or a combination of these factors. (115-119)

    Building muscle Bulk and reducing body fat with low androgens is virtually impossible — and increasingly difficult in today’s highly modernized western society where avoidance EDC’s, xeno-estrogens and daily stressors is difficult. Supplementation with androgens provides a relatively safe method to counter these “suppressive” environmental factors in everyday life.

    How is “androgen deficiency” determined?

    Symptoms of insufficient androgen levels may include a lack of muscular structure, excessive body fat, physical weakness, low libido, and general depression. (2,25,31)

    In men with insufficient androgen levels, blood tests may reveal a low testosterone, low DHT, and in some cases, low estrogen. The following values would indicate androgen deficiency -

    < 550mg/dL Total testosterone
    < 60ng/dL DHT
    < 20pg/mL Estradiol

    NOTE: If androgens (T & DHT) are low, and estrogens are elevated, this is a sign of estrogen dominance. See MUSCLE-UP White Papers for more information.

    Will additional androgen benefit all men?

    If symptoms of androgen deficiency are apparent, MAX-BULK should provide noticeable physiological benefits within 4 weeks or less.

    If symptoms of estrogen dominance are apparent, another androgen supplement may be more appropriate such as LEAN-CUT, MUSCLE-UP or FOCUS. See the for product dosing recommendations.

    Will MAX-BULK raise androgens or estrogens too much?

    The recommended dose of MAX-BULK , for 4-8 weeks is highly unlikely to produce any significant side-effects. Side-effects may include mildly reduced fertility, increased prostate size and increased hair loss. However, if these side-effects occur, they are mild, and reversible upon discontinuation of MAX-BULK . (68,88)

    Middle to older aged men (+50 yr) with a history of high blood pressure, diuretic use, obesity, and anxiety may have an increased risk for developing elevated red blood cells (polycythemia) with androgen use. Therefore, it is recommended to test hematocrit levels on a quarterly basis, during extended MAX-BULK supplementation (>12 weeks). Hematocrit levels beyond 50% may increase the risk for stroke or thrombotic events. (87) However, research suggests that fast acting androgens, such as MAX-BULK, may have a lower risk of promoting polycythemia. (95,120,121)

    In addition, we recommend quarterly testing of estradiol levels during extended MAX-BULK supplementation (>12 weeks). Research suggests that maintaining estradiol levels between 20-35pg/ml (73-128pmol/L) maintains bone and cardiovascular health in men. (22,92,93)

    To help determine an appropriate dose of MAX-BULK , in relation to current androgen levels, and possible side-effects that may occur, please see Buy the Safest, Most Powerful Legal Prohormones Available!

    Is it recommended to use an aromatase or anti-estrogen with MAX-BULK ?

    MAX-BULK contains the two naturally occurring saturated androgens (epiandrosterone and androsterone) which exert moderate anti-estrogen effects, thus making an overabundance of estrogen unlikely.

    Saturated androgens act as natural aromatase inhibitors, and as a direct modulator on post-ER gene transcription. (10,11) This allows saturated androgens to have the unique ability to inhibit estrogen induced breast tissue development, without overtly inhibiting the beneficial estrogenic effect in muscular, vascular, cerebral and skeletal tissue. (65,71)

    Natural saturated androgens have a relatively mild aromatase inhibition properties relative to synthetic aromatase inhibitors. Over suppression of estrogen is more likely to occur with aromatase inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex, Letrozole, Aromasin and Formestane which are powerful aromatase inhibitors that can significantly and rapidly lower circulating estrogen levels to undesirable levels. Research shows that these AI’s may inhibit vital functions of estrogen, including maintenance of vascular dilation and bone health in as little as 6 weeks. (21) In addition, over suppression of estrogen may limit gains in lean muscle tissue and improvements in body composition. (24,25)

    Therefore, it is recommended to avoid additional aromatase inhibitors with MAX-BULK , with the exception of stacking MUSCLE-UP with MAX-BULK for men with easily irritated pre-existing gyno. (10-16)

    How does MAX-BULK compare to testosterone?

    This is a very touchy subject as it would be inappropriate according to the FDA to make a direct comparison to testosterone even with the clinical research done. So, you decide does MAX-BULK has an average testosterone equivalence of 400mg/week of injectable testosterone enanthate? The “testosterone equivalent” represents total combined androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic potency. MAX-BULK has a relatively similar androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic effect relative to testosterone. The equivalence values are based off the conversion % of active ingredients to bioactive androgens (52,122-124) and calculation by bio-assay values. (125-130)

    A single injection of testosterone (e.g. enanthate, cypionate, etc) stays elevated in the body for several days or weeks, which can keep the body in a chronically elevated androgenic/estrogen state during the length of the cycle. This increases suppression on the HPTA, and increases the risk of side effects such as testicular shrinkage, long-term fertility reduction, and prolonged recovery. (91,95,100-102) Research also suggests that injectable steroids may increase polycythemia (increased blood thickness), heart attack, and stroke — possibly caused by the chronically elevated androgenic/estrogen levels. (120,121)

    MAX-BULK is a fast acting androgen which rises and falls in a 24 hour period. The 24hr drop in androgens can mimic the circadian rhythm of naturally produced androgens, thus relieving the body of chronic androgen stimulation, and allowing LH & FSH to surge during this time. (91,95) This short term LH & FSH secretion stimulates testicular function, and allows for a faster and more complete recovery following the cycle. (91,95,100-102) Research also suggests that this can help prevent testicular shrinkage during the cycle.

    Injectable testosterone may also have a tendency to cause increased estrogenic effects by accumulating in adipose tissue, aromatizing and building up estrogen levels. (95) In men sensitive to gyno, this estrogenic action may be unfavorable without concurrent use of an aromatase inhibitor. Research suggests that MAX-BULK may have reduced estrogenic potential and thus less potential to cause gyno.

    Can MAX-BULK be stacked with other steroids or The ANDRO FACTORY Series products?

    Yes, MAX-BULK may be stacked with other steroids for additional benefits. For example, MAX-BULK may be used with testosterone to increase lean body mass and strength.

    MAX-BULK may also be stacked with other ANDRO FACTORY Series products according to desired physiological benefits. See Buy the Safest, Most Powerful Legal Prohormones Available! for product stacking recommendations.
    Will discontinuing MAX-BULK cause a rebound or permanent suppression?

    Any long-term suppression or undesirable rebound is highly unlikely when using MAX-BULK alone, or in combination with other The ANDRO FACTORY Series products, when following proper cycle guidelines. (See Dosing & cycling and Post cycle therapy above)

    When used according to the recommended dosing, MAX-BULK will keep levels of androgens elevated during the daytime and evening, while dropping to near-predose-level after 24 hours. (figure 5) (66) This will allow MAX-BULK to have minimal negative impact on the circadian release of LH & FSH in the mornings. (91,95) Preserving low/normal LH & FSH levels will preserve testicular testosterone production. (91,95,100-102) This will help avoid testicular shrinkage and shutdown, which is known to occur with injectable, and methylated oral steroids. (83,84,102-105)

    Given the minimally suppressive nature of MAX-BULK, natural hormone production normally returns within 2-4 weeks, after a 4-8 week cycle. (12,91,96) Faster recovery will be possible by following proper PCT guidelines. (see above) Preventing muscle loss may be largely prevented by continuing a clean diet and regular exercise protocol.

    Venus Winkler
    Owner & Founder

    Sculpt LLC

    4876 N. Vanderbilt St.
    Portland, OR 97203, USA

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