Order Issue...

  1. Order Issue...


    If a rep from the company can get in touch with me via PM, it will be appreciated.

    I have ordered two products, and I received one. Naturally, I have attempted to reach out twice over the last 10 days to get ahold of someone via email to resolve the issue, but no response. Beginning to become frustrated with this piece. Thanks.

  2. Join the club brotha. Ordered march 21st, supposedly shipped a few days later. I've sent numerous emails and pm'd the rep who said he would handle it. Still havent received product, tracking number, or at the least, an email.

  3. sorry for the troubles guys, let me see if i can get this resolved.....

  4. Any headway here fellows ?

  5. A rep got back to me but nothing positive, sounded more like they gave him the run around but at least he was able to speak with someone. Order #444 has no closure yet

  6. Just got with Flex Magnun... appreciate the help on this.

    Ordered a bottle of P-Bold and Focus - received the Focus, but no P-Bold. No answers back on the emails...

  7. All screwed up or half received orders should be taken care of now.There was an issue when Androfactory was integrating to the new shipping program they use now and a couple orders got screwed up in the process it appears.Let me know if anyone is still having any issues.Apologies for the inconvenience!
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  8. Sounds good Flex - thanks for looking into this.

    I have not yet received the other half of my order just yet - I hope this is in the mail?

  9. hey flex, on monday, it will two weeks since the head honcho said he would send my order that got lost in paperwork, order 444. This makes it over a month since it was supposed to ship. emailing isnt getting me anywhere again.

  10. try messaging cordeen....

  11. I'll bug them again brother. They said everything had been fixed and compensated for.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  12. Who is the head honcho? I don't care for the product anymore, just want my money back now. Taking far too long. Understand order issues, but the lack of a response has frustrated me. I'll email or PM him my order info to get this resolved.

  13. The message was forwarded to me by a rep, not direct. If you do email the guy, it just says he reads emails on MWF on an automated response.

  14. I've got your order number. I'll forward it again.
    I was told all issues had been taken care of. Had I known you guys were still having issues after that I would have looked into it more.
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  15. Guys, I checked the archive and both of you received an email from the "head honcho" a couple weeks ago stating that another bottle had been shipped just in case, and if you end up with two bottles to just keep the second one she shipped as a freebie.
    Anything show up yet? If nothing has come, she had offered to put some points in your account.
    One of you is #444 and the other is.#459 correct?
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  16. Nothing has showed up for me.

  17. Any resolution to order #444?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    It's being dealt with on the email side brother.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  19. Any word from androfactory on my order 444? Thanks

  20. I'm order #465, and still nothing yet. No emails from the "head honcho", and definitely not product ar*****. Just looking for a refund of the P-Bold bottle I never received. If I can get that refund to me within 3 days, it'll be a good ending.

  21. Anything?

  22. Nothing.
    I've lost all respect for this company. I believe the reps here are trying for us, but the lack of communication from the actual company is discouraging.

    I've never bashed a company here before, and I've been posting and observing here for almost a decade now. I've never had such a piss-poor experience with a supplement company before. I will discourage all friends from purchasing from this company.


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