New Analyzed/SS Product Just Arrived!

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    Could the real bdcc please stand up!
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  2. ETA on when it will be available for purchase and serving size number of servings? Running X-Gels in PCT and will need this.

  3. I don't know much about GMS at all. Google says it's a fat, saturated fat. A food additive. Not sure why you would use it as supplement. Yet I thought I read on here that it's a carb. I've tried a few different pre workouts with the stuff in it and didn't notice any pump.

    "Many bodybuilders purposely consume GMS in an attempt to build lean muscle. The assumption that GMS is composed of carbohydrates and healthy fats is a false one. While a key ingredient in many different products, this compound is composed of mostly fat. In fact, in most countries glycerol monostearate is considered a saturated fat Therefore, it is not wise to consume a large amount of this ingredient. The best way to avoid consuming too much GMS is to read food package labels. "- From,


  4. ETA is very soon following the insider deal.

    T-Bone, GMS is primarily used as a pump ingredient. Most cited information is on glycerol rather than GMS itself.
    PES Representative

  5. Interesting I have not seen any product containing micronized gms
    doing my own thang!

  6. Any update on this? Haven't seen or heard anything, and didn't receive an insider email.

  7. The insider emails were sent. If you are signed up but didn't receive one it is most likely to have gone into your spam folder.
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