which steriods would be good to help heal joints and tendons

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by fruciano90
    I have a few questions I tore some cartilage in my shoulder and I'm trying to heal it up as fast as
    possible so what would be my ubest bet hgh or deca, or anavar? Any help would be appreciated!
    I would use hgh at 3iu a day

    And nandrolone aka deca at 300mg a week
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. Grab some sns cissus xt for your joint, tendon, an bone ailments.

  3. So does that mean I would inject once a day? I've ever used hgh before so I'm completely new to this I just news to heal my shoulder up because I'm leaving for the army soon should I stack test with the deca ?

  4. I was thinking of going on a deca/ anavar cycle but I'm not sure yet. Hgh is so expensive I wanna try something cheaper first. so what do you guts thinly of that? I would love some in put what can of dosage should I do? Any help would be great!


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