slim xtreme mini-review

  1. slim xtreme mini-review

    Hi just want to say whoooa. Great produt have been using it for 5 days now, the first 2 days i felt a ton of energy no jitters but in the late afternoon felt a little anxious, still took it the next day but the effects were a little different: tons of energy again great focus on the gym (killer workout) after that still tons of energy left, great mood and great control over hunger, but no anxiety.
    On the forth day i had a great problem at work (some ******* stole a design and sold the design to other company) now i am in midst of all the trouble and decided to start again with the deisgn. so all i can say that Slim Xtreme also changes your mood great you feel very optimistic and confident. With this kind of problem i'd be crawling on the roof but i am very calm and focused right now.No hunger i only eat when i really need to. My gf is using it too she is having the same results. She just bought 3 more boxes and i bought 2 more.
    Great product overall great work Anabolic Xtreme.


  2. Thanks for your answer. As for the guy who stole from me i already took care of him...... just kidding hahaha

  3. Thank you for the review!

    Make sure you get some lime to take care of that guy btw.

  4. I will, Thanks for your answer. Keep up the good work AX



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