SX Boosters coming to NP soon? -

SX Boosters coming to NP soon?

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    SX Boosters coming to NP soon?

    Will the SX boosters be available at the online retailers soon?

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    The Boosters will remain an exclusive to the AX site. They are priced very nicely, though. A bottle of SXB will carry you through a whole bottle of SX and probably more. On their own, they probably aren't too much, but when combined with SX,they really provide that 1.5 or 2.5 dose, or a nice kick in the pants mid-day. As we say not to take any other stimulants while on SX, including some of those caffeine-laden pre-w/o supplements, SXBs may be that extra boost you're looking for without the dirty stim feel.
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