Future Beta Tester program.

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  1. Interested to try the new flavour of Maniac as well....

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Hmm, I'm not sure what Don had in mind when he posted that. I don't know of any newsletters as of late, but we do currently have a sale posted on Facebook (the one John posted the banner for). It's going on at the AI Sports Nutrition website.

    <Don't forget to use the coupon code from above>
    1. very sweet labels!
    2. 4-11 happens to be my b-day, might have to foward the link to my wife...
    3. ETA on the larger tubs? I like super-over-the-top-value buys

  3. The beta testing program will be for new products. We really have not had a totally new product yet but they are coming.

  4. I still stick by my opinion that you guys need to make something similar/better than Lean Extreme. That would be awesome!! Make it, test it, sell it!!


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