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  1. I'll take that question a step further and add that Glycobol can not only be used while bulking, but it will actually add efficacy to an anabolic cycle:

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    Dr.D, if we had to choose a moment to take Glycobol, when would be the ideal moment to take it to maximize its effects: Before a cycle, On cycle, or on PCT?
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    In early studies with testosterone propionate administration, a researcher named Hershberger found that glycogen content spiked within 24-72hrs, and then dropped at exactly the same time as the androgen-dependent muscle growth began (marked by an inverse rise in protein content of the muscle.) It was later confirmed in experiments with diabetic animals that many androgens could do this, like Methandriol, Winstrol, and even DHEA! Some could not, like Halotestin and methyltest. Anyway, it was realized that androgen related muscle growth was precluded in the absence of insulin, and that androgen growth was always preceded by an increase in stores of muscle glycogen. Hershberger discovered that the effect of testosterone on the muscle is mediated by a primary effect on the energy-producing process, and that protein synthesis was greatly accelerated when additional energy in the form of glycogen becomes available. That's why all the really big guys use insulin, it makes androgen work better.

    I like to take Glycobol strategically, with big meals to prevent fat storage, and immediately after a workout to carb load. So I will take anywhere from 2-6caps/day, and some days I may not take any. To keep it simple and get a feel for how it works, I'd recommend just using it as directed on the label, then you can tailor your applications from there. On cycle it can dramatically boost gains, off cycle it can keep you hard and full to bridge in between. Or you can use it strategically like I do. I can take a full dose after a workout at night, and wake up the next morning and tell already. The hardness and recovery is impressive. The hardness you get in your muscle is very close to that feeling you get when taking a SERM, that's the best comparison I can think of to describe how it feels. I like that feeling.
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  2. Rookie here .. Is it safe to take 2 pills with brakefest then take noxplode b4 workout take amp protien after workout and 2 pills of this at night with dinner ?

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    Also, tinker with the timing between dose and eating.

    I started at 10 mins pre CHO intake and found my sweet spo is around 20 minutes prior.

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    Rookie here .. Is it safe to take 2 pills with brakefest then take noxplode b4 workout take amp protien after workout and 2 pills of this at night with dinner ?
    This should be fine but you may have to tinker with the dosage or timing of Glycobol to see what works best for you.
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