Ageforce healing review

  1. Ageforce healing review

    So I crashed when cycling and fell heavily on my elbow. About a 2-3cm (1 inch) cut that had to be stiched and it was really painful to move it for days.
    Straight awat I started my usual injury healing protocol: curcumin, vitamin C, Lysine, raised creatine and carnitine dose.
    In addition I added:
    BPC patch twice daily.
    Maximize patch one daily.
    DHEA patch twice daily.

    Picture of my elbow 8 days after the crash:
    OK to move it but painfu to touch.
    The patches helped a bit but not sure if worth it, they're not cheap. In fact I think DHEA patch helped the most as I've tried preg (200-300mg oral dose) for injuries before and it has worked well. So if I had to guess then the other patches only helped a little. I'm still using them, maybe the help and I want to get back to 100% fast.

    After 8 days I started osta, so can't say purely about Ageforce patches anymore. I got impatient, wanted to speed up healing time more.
    Now at 2 weeks it's better but still not good.

    About using the patches:
    The stay on well if you apply to area with less hair and clean it before. I've also been rubbing with a towel before but not sure if that helps.
    Forearms are a good place to put them. Patch color could be closer to skin color. But can also put them on side of stomach.

  2. I bought 6 months worth of BPC-157 patches, recent sale was like buy 2, get 4 for free.
    Im 52, lifting for 40+ years,and really beat up.

    I was skeptical, but not anymore. I tore both shoulders heavy benching in JAN. 3-4 months, no improvement, just benching the empty bar or 10's on each side. One month on this stuff (patches) is 300% better. One month... Insane...

    Im not where I was, but getting there, its only been 30 days on this. Close grip benched with 275 this week, so Im getting there.

    Big believer and supporter of AgeForce, no longer skeptical...

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