Here we go again. Another world competition approaches and thought I would do something . . . . .STUPID. This year I broke with tradition and competed in single ply. Didnt do as well as I wanted but managed to get an invite to worlds, now for the stupid part. On mon 11-10 I compete in single ply and on tuesday 11-11 I compete raw. For a young man this might not be a problem, but remember this old fart is 62! Got to try it once. My geared lifting is looking good squat 485 bench 360 and dead we dont talk about. These are just second attempts and i still have 7-8 weeks to go. The older I get the harder it becomes fortunately I have to secret weapons. . . ageforce and coach Wade Johnson. The patches from ageforce (10 hour energy, NO, Test, HGH just to name a few) really do the trick and keep me going. Coach Johnson keeps me on track and guides my efforts. Mucho thanks to both!!