1. HGH/Testo

    Hey everyone just wanted to give you some information in regards to my training and results with the assistance of AgeForce.
    First of the company is top notch. Customer service is amazing and that means a lot to me in this industry. Any questions or concerns they help in a blink of the eye
    As for the products. At first I wasn't sure about a patch. After using them I love it. It's so convenient, quick and easy. Just stick it on and away you go. No mess of mixing anything or worry about how is this going to taste. I work shift work and its been awesome for me.
    I come from a sports background but for the last year and a half I have been training in CrossFit. My biggest goal when started on AgeForce products was to gain strength and any size gain to keep it lean muscle. That's exactly what I have been able to do. I have made gains in all Olympic lifts and it has had no negative effect in any other aspect of my training. I will continue with this stack because it works. Any one out there considering any of their products go for it. They stand behind their products and you won't fin anything easier to use.

  2. Very Nice. I love them my self. I like the fact that its a slap and your done.
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