I am 4 weeks out from world competition and all lifts are lookuing good. In the last month or so i have had massive road blocks and wasnt sure if I would be able to compete. Fortu8inately things did turn around and it looks like I am on track and certainly expect to defend my world championship and repeat. Only I can beat myself!!! I do want to give cr3edit where credit is due. Durring my down time there was one aspect of training I did not have to worry about. I use several patches from Ageforce (test, HGH and NO) they are fantastic!! The NO gives me o2 enough to keep hitting set after set with quick recovery. The HGH helped me with sleep(one of my problems) so i cpould recover and the test kept me going. The ageforce products are outstanding and have certainly worked well for me. Give ageforce a look see and see what they offer, I do believe you will be surprised. Good lifting and stay strong.