PowerPatch Timing and Frequency

  1. PowerPatch Timing and Frequency

    This product fascinates me.

    Frequency is being discussed in other threads.
    I'm eager to hear feedback from testers who increase
    the frequency beyond the recommended e5d.
    Running a 6 month supply e3d would last abut 4 months,
    I think this is long enough to evaluate the hgh effects while upping the frequency.

    The other question i'd like to get some discussion going on is Timing.
    I think most guys so far are applying the patch at night before bed.
    Night time application makes total sense for someone with low HGH,
    to mimic the bodies natural GH pulse while you sleep.

    I've been wondering about another protocol.

    For those of us with a normal output, would early morning or early afternoon
    application be more efficient(?) because these are times when your body's cortisol levels are high.
    Would a morning/aft application be beneficial through the day and Still allow the natural pulses of your own HGH at night ??


  2. I've been thinking a lot about this too. I'm currently using the patch at night, twice a week (Mon and Wed). I workout first thing in the Morning, so I believe the timing is good for delivering HGH for the workout. However, I've wondered if it'd be better immediately pre or post workout as well.

    The other notion I've played around with is augmenting the patches with peptides like GHRP/GHRH for additional large pulses as well as the patches e5d or e3d. This may be the "best bang for the buck" type of approach, I don't know. It'd be great to get the exogenous HGH plus large supraphysiological spikes of endogenous HGH too.

    I've only done 2 weeks with the M/W dosing, so I'll try playing with it. I've got a log on here, feel free to sub in and see how it goes with the "experiments".
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  3. ive been wondering about this too, im currently running the patches as per recommended at night, but ive been wondering if using them during the day would have any anabolic synergy with just the natural anabolic hormones you release during the day.. i.e. insulin release from carbs, or test spike pwo, since normally any insulin release would squash the gh but with the steady artificial release im thinking they would work with each other more? and maybe then lower any chance of a negative feedback loop after using these for a while? im probably going to be doing a six month and think ill up the dose to sun, tues, thurs next week, still not sure if im going to stick with nighttime or try daytime, do you guys get drowsy after application?

  4. I've used 5 patches so far and I get drowsy every time after I put one on.

  5. I have been running the patches for two months now. I have been using them as directed, one patch every five days and night before bed. What I am going to do now is do the patches every three days. I might even experiment with putting them on in the morning for teh next few weeks and see if I notice any difference with that. I already have logs here in teh SHR section as well as in the hollistic health and supplement section on my home board. Hope this helps and lets keep these ideas going..


  6. i wish these were cheaper ... like 30 bucks = 1 month supply .. lol that would be awesome

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gbpackers View Post
    i wish these were cheaper ... like 30 bucks = 1 month supply .. lol that would be awesome
    Haha, well innovation is expensive, and I assume the product is also expensive to make and to get the raws. ... But yes... if it was 30 bucks for a month supply I'd be on it forever. I'm looking forward to running my free samples soon as well.
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