RDe Chrome pills dissolution

  1. RDe Chrome pills dissolution

    Today i started to take Hormone Regulation Kit.

    1-Andro and 4-AD are RDe Chrome versions.

    For now, i only took 4-AD but no way it dissolves in 30s.. I bit the pill in small pieces and even this way it took about 5 minutes to dissolve.

    However, during this time, i swallowed the saliva, trying to keep the small pill pieces under the tongue.

    This is normal and thats the correct way?

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    I usually score it a bit to help it dissolve quicker, but the way you are doing it works as well.

  3. About to finishing my 4 weeks cycle and i like the results.

    Regarding dissolution, iīve notice a funny thing. Some pills as soon as i put them in mouth, they start to dissolve. After 2 or 3 minutes they are full dissolved. While others take a lot to start to dissolve, like 5 or 10 minutes.

    i donīt know if i got some Rd/Rdeīs mixed or it has to do with saliva ph in the moment.. But itīs curious.

  4. I've used arom-x (rde) in the past and they took 5-10 min, even with biting them In half.

    I've uses 1-ad (rde) and it took no more than a minute, they almost felt soft. In fact,they had ssome light "rust" coloring...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Volvo140G View Post
    they had ssome light "rust" coloring...
    I started a topic some time ago about that.. I received some like that and was afraid they werenīt good and i refused them.. It seems itīs machinery oil and its "normal"..



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