AMS Power Kit Stack Review /Question/Log

  1. AMS Power Kit Stack Review /Question/Log

    I'm 21 160 lbs 5ft 7 10 % bodyfat , Have a solid bodybuilding base ,

    Currently i am cutting and am on a heavy deficit been cutting for 5 months now

    My Goal is to add lean mass while not gaining much fat at all

    Thinking of doing my first PH cycle ever , What can i expect from this cycle figuring that i am on a proper diet , proper sleep and proper workout program ?

    It advertises up to 20 lbs of lean mass per 30 day cycles , is that really possible ?

    It probably took me at least a year to pack on 10 lbs of lean mass naturally in the past years

    Also if i want to add lean mass i need to stop cutting and start eating at a surplus correct ?

    I will be doing logs here frequently to let you all know the changes and effects

    My First cycle is a 4 weeks cycle with the kit called Power Kit stack by AMS

    It included :

    Mass Drops
    4-AD RDe
    Arom-X RDe
    Joint Fixx
    Super Cycle

    Mass drop is a liquid non pill version

    Does this stack look good ? Also should i do a 6 or 8 week cycle and than PCT or just 4 week cycle and than PCT

    I read people have better results doing 6 to 8 week cycles

  2. tattoopierced1
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    It is impossible to say exactly what gains you will see, however, with it being your first run, it is entirely possible to gain 20lbs over the course of your run. This is also assuming your diet is on point for what your goals are, as well as your training.

    I'd run a 4 week and then into PCT since it is your first try. See how your body responds to the compounds.

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