What to do with freebies?

  1. What to do with freebies?

    Hi All,

    Just about to start a cycle on AMS Anabolc Stack, was planning to run for 8 weeks at standard dose. I have done hdrol/AMS cycles before and have decided to go with AMS again as I had no side effects at all.

    Anyway, I received my two AMS Anabolc Stacks today and I was also sent two bottles of the AMS augmentor and one bottle of Epi-1-Test.

    Im guessing the augmentor is fine to take along side the stack, but is it ok to take the Epi-1-Test too? If so when should i fit this into my 8 week cycle, as I only have 4 weeks worth of it?


  2. tattoopierced1
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    You can run both of those during your run. I'd run them during the first 4 weeks.

  3. Nice one thanks, I am planning on running all of the above for 6 weeks now, maybe pushing from 2 to 3 tabs in the last 2 weeks. Last time I ram 1-AD, 4AD for 6 weeks with just Arom-x/DAA for pct. Will I be able to do this again? I have nolva on hand, but would rather try and get away with OTC even if i have to cut the cycle down, any advice?

    Note: I also have run 4-AD, Decavol for 6 weeks with just Arom x on a previous cycle, seemed to recover just fine.

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