AMS Growth Kit RDE first AMS cycle.

  1. AMS Growth Kit RDE first AMS cycle.

    Hi peeps I am about to start my first AMS cycle.

    I am 44 tears old and been working out on and off since 16. I took s1+ prohormones years ago and found they were great.

    I have 2 kits of anabolic growth RDe but not sure wither to run a 4 week cycle and keep 1 kit or run 6 weeks cycle.

    This will be run for cutting mostly with some leans gains if poss. I can pack on size easily natty with good diet but will be using these to try and lose a bit of BF.

    I will run -500/750 deficit and lower carbs on non training days.

    Can anyone recommend a cycle for 6 weeks.

    I have to hand

    2 x Growth kits
    Arom X 1 bottle but will purchase more.
    mulit vits
    omega oil
    vit c

    What else would be required for a 6 week cycle would I need a stronger PCT. If so what do you recommend and where to purchase in UK.

    kind regards Robbie.

    5'7" 198lbs BF 16/17% ish

  2. tattoopierced1
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    You should be OK for the Arom X for PCT barring you dont go to an 8 week cycle. Personally, I would just run one box for 4 weeks and save the other since it has been some time since you have taken anything. Your gains should be great.

  3. Ty for the reply. Reason for wanting to run the 6 weeks is most people resond best in week 3-4 so I was thinking if I ran it for the 6 weeks I would see more benefit.

    I got both kits extremely cheap so that's not an issue. I was more concerned if I needed a serm as I was going to run 6 weeks. If I do run this fir 6 weeks will 4 weeks of AROM-X + tribulus, Daa, plus staples be enough?

    If not does anyone know a reputable UK website for Clomid/novladex. PM please with details to save forums rules.

    Regards Robbie.

  4. You can start the 4ad on week 2 and make it a 5 week cycle.

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