AMS Growth Kit RDE first AMS cycle. -

AMS Growth Kit RDE first AMS cycle.

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    AMS Growth Kit RDE first AMS cycle.

    Hi peeps I am about to start my first AMS cycle.

    I am 44 tears old and been working out on and off since 16. I took s1+ prohormones years ago and found they were great.

    I have 2 kits of anabolic growth RDe but not sure wither to run a 4 week cycle and keep 1 kit or run 6 weeks cycle.

    This will be run for cutting mostly with some leans gains if poss. I can pack on size easily natty with good diet but will be using these to try and lose a bit of BF.

    I will run -500/750 deficit and lower carbs on non training days.

    Can anyone recommend a cycle for 6 weeks.

    I have to hand

    2 x Growth kits
    Arom X 1 bottle but will purchase more.
    mulit vits
    omega oil
    vit c

    What else would be required for a 6 week cycle would I need a stronger PCT. If so what do you recommend and where to purchase in UK.

    kind regards Robbie.

    5'7" 198lbs BF 16/17% ish

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    You should be OK for the Arom X for PCT barring you dont go to an 8 week cycle. Personally, I would just run one box for 4 weeks and save the other since it has been some time since you have taken anything. Your gains should be great.
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    Ty for the reply. Reason for wanting to run the 6 weeks is most people resond best in week 3-4 so I was thinking if I ran it for the 6 weeks I would see more benefit.

    I got both kits extremely cheap so that's not an issue. I was more concerned if I needed a serm as I was going to run 6 weeks. If I do run this fir 6 weeks will 4 weeks of AROM-X + tribulus, Daa, plus staples be enough?

    If not does anyone know a reputable UK website for Clomid/novladex. PM please with details to save forums rules.

    Regards Robbie.

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    You can start the 4ad on week 2 and make it a 5 week cycle.

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