Anabolic Growth Kit timing. Can you help me?

  1. Question Anabolic Growth Kit timing. Can you help me?

    Hi guys, I am about to start the anabolic groth kit for 4 weeks cycle. I will follow the comany instruction, but the do not say anything about the timing.
    I eat x6 when I am off and x7 when I work out. (2 meals are protein shake).
    I normally train around 8pm due to ma terrible job.So I was thinking:
    Day Off
    Breakfast: Adro
    Dinner: Decavol
    Post Dinner: 4ad

    Day On
    Breakfast: Andro
    Lunch :4ad
    Meal4:Andro (3h before workout
    Meal5: decavol (protein shake 1h before workout)
    Dinner: 4ad

    Please note that almost always there are 2h-3.30h between the meals. My PCT will be aromX, nolvadren-xt, recompadrol, DAA. During the cycleand pct I will use LIV52 and Supercycle.

    Do you think this cycle will be beneficial? Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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  3. You don't have to take them with a meal.

    If you do, take them after a meal because you wont have any taste after the mints.

    What i did was take them about 30' to 60' apart, but next time it will be about 2 hours apart so that i get something all day.

    Also i think that the 1andro would be best preworkout but you'll have to wait for the reps to confirm this.

  4. I apologize brother. I did read your post and for some reason thought it was already answered.

    Before or after meals isn't so much a concern. Just not during you meals.

    A simple dosing would be 3 times a day. Just space each product by at least 20-30 min.

    A more busy dosing schedule, but the one I prefer is to dose them evenly throughout the day while alternating them. So say maybe 1ad first thing in the am, then decavol a bit later, then the 4ad and continue in that manner specific times would depend on when you wake and sleep. This will help keep a steady flow of hormones throughout the day.
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  5. Ah, just re-read your post. You already seem to have it planned out the way I prefer to dose it. Looks solid man.
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    19 views and no reply. C'mon guys!

  7. Hi guys! Very very sorry for late reply, but I have some crazy days at work.
    Anyway, It's already 3 weeks that I am taking this stak, however I gained just 1kg. The diest seems ok for my size (100g fat, 250g pro, 400g carbs). I can tecnically eat more, but I do not have fisically the time to do it. Working in a hotels reception is not that easy hide to eat.
    Any raccomendation?


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