First Cycle Help Hormone Regulation Kit RDe

  1. First Cycle Help Hormone Regulation Kit RDe


    I would like to take this kit for my first jump into PH's. I like this kit as It has the Arom-x in it for the PCT. If I take this as recommended Is the Arom-x going to be enough for PCT or should I have a SERM/AI on hand to take with the Arom-x for weeks 5-8. I ask as I'm not sure how much I'll shut down and being that this is my first Cycle I want to do it right with minimal sides. Any other information will be greatly appreciated my main concern is sides during PCT "gyno" and weather or not if taken a recommended with the Arom-x be sufficient enough for the PCT?


  2. tattoopierced1
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    if you run it for 4 weeks at the recommended doses, Arom-X will be fine alone.

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