AMS DecaSARM followed by Hormone Regulation Kit ??

  1. Question AMS DecaSARM followed by Hormone Regulation Kit ??

    Looking for some Ideas and just input on what you guys think about my planned upcoming stack. I'd love to hear any suggestions or input about how you think it will work out is much appreciated. I will be lifting heavy, hard, and intense 5 to 6 days per week for the duration of this PH cycle. I do minimal cardio, but my lifting sessions are intense. I estimate my body fat is at 9% right now and I am down around 168 lbs (morning weight). I'd like to end at 9-10% but close to 180 lbs morning weight.

    Weeks 1 to 4 ---AMS DecaSARM (following dosage guideline on bottle, 1 bottle)
    - Maintenance Calories or a little above, but eating clean (2800 calories)
    - Goal here is to lean up, drop some fat before going into the bulking diet for weeks 5 - 12, but maintain all muscle

    Weeks 5 to 8 -- AMS Hormone Regulation Kit RDe--> 4 AD (2 per day using bottle dosage guidelines, 1 bottle), 1 Andro (Same dosage as 4AD, 1 bottle)
    -Starting week 5 I bump my calories up to 4500 per day (Adding Gainer, but keeping the macro percentages in line) Clean Bulk, not eating pizza all day style dirty bulk.
    - In the past I bulked with 4000 calories and was able to gain about a pound and a half per week while on the Anabolic Growth kit, Im bumping the calories some if I can handle it.

    Weeks 9 to 12 -- AMS Arom-X (PCT) - (2 per day I believe, dosage as stated on bottle, 1 bottle)
    -Calories will remain at bulking level, maybe tapering down to closer to 4000 calories per day

    1. For Weeks 5 to 8 would the AMS PRO ANABOLIC KIT RDe or the HORMONE REGULATION KIT RDe be the better choice after I have finished the DecaSARM. I have used Pro Anabolic Kit in the past and had some success with it roughly a year ago. I don't know if there would be a reason to choose one rather than the other after using DecaSARM, maybe one combination works better with the state my body will be in after DecaSARM?

    2. PCT --> I dont plan on having a SERM (Torem or Clomid) on hand for this cycle. I had no shutdown issues after just using the Pro Anabolic Kit last year... but this time I am adding the 4 weeks of DecaSARM before the kit. Does the length of this cycle mean I will need more than just one bottle of Arom-X for my PCT?

    3. Any other suggestions on my plan? Do my caloric intake and goals for the different phases of this stack make sense?

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Really depends on what you want. Decavol in the PAK is more of a hardening agent, whereas 1AD in the HRK is more for mass... so if you are wanting to do an all out bulk, I'd stick with the HRK.

    2. You should be OK with the PCT of Arom-X. If you ran the HRK longer than 4 weeks, then a SERM on hand would be recommended.

    3. This is just my opinion, but I'd bump my calories up a bit on weeks 1-4 even though you are wanting to recomp a bit, I'd still prefer my body be primed for maximum growth. Maybe not go to the caloric numbers of what you are going to run during weeks 5-8, but I would start ramping up towards that before hand. Maybe go 3000-3500 during the first 4 weeks.

  3. Thanks for the Input, Tattoo, thats the kind of info I'm after!

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